Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ministers in my life, not one of them wasn't forth right, and all introduce himself.

I have had the pleasure of knowing many Preachers, others use the term Pastor, Priest or Chaplain, we just called them Brother or Preacher.  My Grandfather Jim, my Great Uncle Lowel and my Uncle Delbert were all preachers, my father preached alot of sermons and married a great many of his grandchildren never called himself Preacher but is a fine one. I have fond memories of each and everyone of these fine men.  One of the finest is how forth right they were, not one of these men would not walk right up to you and introduce himself with humility.  He wanted you to know who you were talking to and wanted to know who he was talking to as well.  None of them would have hid behind anonymity, or would have not signed his name to a comment he would have made.  None of them would have admonished me with vulgarity and rudeness. None of them would have had the time to read my daily blog, found it mean spirited or bullying and waited nearly 300 pages in to decide out of no where to take me to task for perceived lies or falsehood.  They, like any real preacher, would have talked to me in a civil loving manner and asked me why I had written different things and when would have prayed with me if they felt I was out of line.  None of them would have anonymously made a comment of meanness and then not bothered to sign their work.  So imagine my surprise when just that happened to me today, I would guess that the TRO I have was violated in more ways than one.  I think my father put it best, "it is a pointless endeavor to have a battle of wits with a mental midget"..... thank you though for the lovely trip down memory you brought on of the real preachers in my life.  It is too funny how some people are...

My Grandfather Jim was a hard working man, he was a CCC in the 1930 and helped build Fort Peck dam and reservoir.  He was a wonderful father to his 8 children, he worked hard all his life and Preached on Sundays, and as the Old Style Church of Christ did, never took a dime for the Preaching he did.  He and my grandmother Gladys went to Samoa in 1969 he filed saws for a saw mill there and did missionary work there in his spare time.  He came back after five years, brought home a beloved Samoan son in law and his brother who became their foster child.  He endure the 5 years of my Grandmothers terminal cancer with all the love a husband has for his wife.  He could be a hard man but he was a loving honest man. He lived about five years after my grandmother died in 1978.

My Uncle Lowel was a missionary in Red China from 1928 to 1948 when the Chinese threw them out of China with eveyone else. Several or all of his and my Aunt Odessa's children were born there.  He studied hard to learn to speak mandarin Chinese.  He tried to give his first sermon, after having learned the language, and was trying to say the lord's pray but mistakenly told the people "he left his pants in the field" instead.  He soon mastered the language and never made that mistake again.  He did some work for the state department at the time but that was kept confidential at the time.  He loved China and spoke of it with longing the rest of his life,  he told of the good and the cruelty he had witnessed.  He died several years ago at 98 and my aunt Odessa died a year ago last spring at just short of 100, fine God fearing missionaries their whole lives.

My father, I have spoken of many times, is a humble Godly man.  My uncle Delbert became a preacher but never preached much after going to preaching school, I think in the end it was so much different than his belief, that all brothers could get up and speak on a given Sunday, that his heart was never in it again.  He like my father has worked hard all his life and is a God fearing and God loving man.  He has raised large family of kids, grand kids and great grand kids.

To close I will not dishonor the loving and memories of any of these fine men by putting them in the same class with a falsified preacher from and ambiguous church that would make derogatory remarks on my little blog and as the moderator of this blog I will not subject you to it's vile message..... tomorrow.

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