Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The rain is coming down in buckets, the second grade is to come, hope it stops!

Today is the day the second grade class is to come to see the animals.  I hope the buckets of rain falling out of the sky stops soon.  I am not sure if they will still get to come with the rain.  We plan on showing them the piggies, the goaties, the chickens, turkeys, maybe and elusive peacock and then Mokie's ducks, geese, and her piglets.  They are really excited to come.  Mrs. Cooper, Booboo's teacher is a very smart lady she didn't tell them that they would be coming on a field trip until the end of the day yesterday, the excitement would have been too much.  She also had them sign homework contracts, they agreed to do extra so that they could have more time to go on the field trip.  Booboo spent the evening diligently doing homework.  She likes to do homework anyway so it was actually a treat more than a hardship. She did stop long enough to do the last of evening of chores at the Herbalists house.  They love doing the chores but will be glad to have a rest from them.

I have to help Poppie move the pathfinder, he didn't get a chance to do it last evening.  He and Boy used the splitter and split a whole row of firewood while we were gone to the Zoo yesterday.  We had a very tight schedule and managed to make it back to town just in time to pick up the girls.  Cubbie was so proud she got to walk on to the school grounds with me.  Booboo took her down the slide and on to the jungle gym,  She had a wonderful time. 

I have eggs to drop off at the library, no CAKLS as I will or should have a whole yard full of second graders at the time I would otherwise be at CAKLS.  I will drop off soap for one of the ladies too, I stopped by her house a couple time last week and she was gone. I have shipping to do this morning so got to get that together so Poppie can take it to town.  I am glad for the peace for a few moments,  Tomorrow to go get grain if it is not pouring buckets, I will have to see if Poppie would even want me to go get grain with the rain coming down.  Coffee to drink and kids to prod into getting going..... tomorrow.

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