Thursday, October 20, 2011

A day off from school, puppies to count, and wood to stack, peace and tranquility.

This morning we are all going to out friends out a Lozeau they have a great Pyrenees female that just had puppies,  They bought her this spring and she had been an abused dog, so she has taken awhile to warm up to some people.  She really likes Poppie and never has a problem with him, of course she likes her new family.  She likes Yogie and some time makes a little noise at Booboo.  She and the other new male have always just come up and put their heads under my hand as I walk along and I have never really paid attention to them so I guess never alarmed her.  She sometimes won't let people out of their cars when they come to visit and the person in the car needs escorted into our friend's homes. She decided to crawl way under the shed in the crawl space, which is very small, to have her puppies and no one can see the puppies or get near them.  Our friends 27 year old son tried, got stuck and couldn't get under the shed and got growled at.  They have asked that we bring out the girls, as the dog knows them, to crawl under and check out the puppies; count  them and maybe count boys or girls.  They are going to chain the momma up so the girls will not be in any danger from her.  The girls can't wait to crawl in the dirt and count puppies

Our friends also want to have the girls stack firewood further back in the crawlspace under their house, so they are also excited to do that as well. Our friends are always generous with them when they do chores for them.  So it will be a win win, stacked wood and pocket change to spend.  I will go along to chat with my friend and maybe instruct the wood stacking.  Poppie will Kubota a little and then we will be on our way home, We have a pig pen to line with chicken wire as Sunday we are moving the piglets to their new home. Momma pig will have a short rest from them and then be taken over to be bred. We also have a peacock and turkey run to make, so a busy day or maybe couple days planned. We have to go get grain as well and some more firewood to get before winter. Off to wake up the ladies for their fun filled day,  the peace and tranquility of just being a family with no pressure, priceless..... tomorrow.


  1. How did the puppy excursion go? I bet they had fun!

  2. They stacked wood, counted 5 puppies, one male and 4 females. They helped move the puppies to a new home, not under the shed. They both earned 10 dollars and bought themselves a special lunch at the deli. They were so proud of their accomplishments. It was a great day... thanks for asking..

  3. Good girls, and having a little spending money is very exciting too!


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