Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Open house at the School, the girls got to share their world with us, nice night.

I had a nice time with the kids yesterday. Cartoons didn't end up coming but the other kids had fun. They got to play in the back yard in the afternoon. They slid down the slide, took turns playing on the swings.  Curious and Cubbie playing more together and Boy and Second sharing their space.  The afternoon was very nice, almost didn't need their coats, but all wore them. I went to CAKLS and we share a  birthday with the head Librarian, she got lots of well wishes, card and gift.  She turned 62 but no one would ever know that, she is a lovely person and has a natural beauty.  We had a large group show up and Lady made a wonderful pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting.  A wonderful time was had by all.  I returned and Mokie was home, we took the kids out to play in the goat pen, and Poppie had brought one of the new does home, he and the Professor still have to catch two more to have them all home.  The one he brought home was Booboos new Glenda, (as in the good witch), her twin will be Gladys, Yogie's named after my grandmother, she would have loved having a fine goat named after her. The kids had a blast, Saddie Sue chased all the new goats that would run from her. Curious petted goats with joy, Cubbie captured one of the littlest ones and wouldn't let it go, but it finally escaped.  The joy of fall was upon us all.

We went to the open house at the school last night.  I talked with friends, ate dinner in the lunch room with friends and chatted with people we don't always see except at the open house every year. The dinner was the usual pulled pork, choice of salad and a cookie.  Booboo ate all of hers right up, Yogie picked as is normal.  We all finished up and went down to the class rooms.  Signed up for teachers conferences.  Yogie's teacher was not there yesterday so we just got to visit her room.  We got to meet the bearded dragon, Harry, and the class fish, Pebbles.  I had never seen a bearded dragon up close and found him to be cute, not that I wanted to hold him or anything, as he was snake like, but cute.  He had  funny holes for ears, Very interesting.  We continued on down the hall to Booboo's class, her teacher, Mrs, Cooper was there, she is always such a delight.  Booboo showed us her desk, her big red dog that she made, shared the photos from the field trip to our farm with us.  All in all a great night, a wonderful event for our little community............. tomorrow.

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  1. Open house is always such a proud moment for the kids... as it should be! A time when the whole town can see their work. Sis


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