Friday, October 21, 2011

Girls to play with their cousins, Poppie and I off to get maybe 2 ton of grain.

The girls had a wonderful day counting puppies.  The soft gray dust puffed up around them like a soft mist as they crawled under the shed.  Yogie in the lead, Booboo bring up the rear with the light.  They found the puppies is a dusty pile.  They wiped off the dust and determined there were 4 females and 1 males.  Two mostly white and 3 with badger markings.  Herbalist was excited beyond happiness at her babies.  The girls crawled out and stacked wood, Herbalist's youngest son had stacked the wood but had not stacked it all the way to the top so only littles could reach where the wood needed to be stacked.  They were troopers and wore out after awhile.  I helped them once part of the first row was moved and I could get in and hand wood to them.  They both worked hard and each earned 10 dollars, they each bought a special lunch at the deli and had a little extra to put in the money cubbie.  Once the firewood was stacked the girls crawled back into the puppies and brought them out to be taken to the new home Herbalist and I had fashioned.  The momma dog took to the new home and seemed to think it was grand digs, and didn't try to take the puppies back under the shed.  A wonderful day, and time, had with special friends.

The girls are going to go spend the afternoon with Eldest, M and Buga while we go and get grain.  We were originally going for one ton, but Herbalist wants us to pick up an additional 10 fifty pound bags, Son wants us to pick up and additional ton so will have to take the trailer to accommodate all the grain.  It is about a 60 to 70 mile trip so not a big trip but we will have a lot of weight so a slow trip.  The piggies will enjoy the grain.  We are going to move them so we can put in a full time feeder, the momma only eats about 6 lbs a day and she would over eat if we left them in the same pen. She is getting testy with them so it is time for them to move anyway.  She is a very good momma but doesn't have patience for them once they no longer really need her.  They currently sneak out of her pen and run around the goat pen rooting up old goat piles and roots.  The have actually done some nice clean up where the goats have wasted hay.  They won't like being confined but will like the constant feed and begin to fatten up on their way to being market pigs and adults. Off to start a busy day, have great Friday.... tomorrow.

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