Friday, October 7, 2011

Sister brought her new son to visit and meet us. We all like him very much.

Sister has been a foster parent/adoptive parent for a long time.  She adopted her first child from Korea 18 years ago,  she is a lovely girl our Girlie, she was officially adopted on mine and Poppie's 13th anniversary.  She is a loved and vital part of Sister and Brothers family, as well as the whole extended family.  Sister and Brother have had a couple of foster children placed with them over the years, they were therapeutic foster care so the children were in need of extra attention.  Due to different circumstances both of the placements eventually did not work out.  One was very long term, the child had been in and out of Sisters home for around 10 years and has now gone on to a new home, I pray the placement is a good fit for the child.  They had a second child that eventually was placed back with the child's mother, good or bad it was the decision of the system.  Each time Sister and Brother were heartbroken but knew that God had had the control in the path of either lives.  I always told Sister that God would send them the right child for their family, in his time, and that maybe they were only called to be inspirational in the children lives that had come and had had to leave. 

Sister and Brother are just getting a new child this week, he is not therapeutic, as Sister is no longer able to have therapeutic children with her health issues.  He is a child that needs a forever home, he is the age where that is the least likely to happen, a teenager.  Sister and Brother are so excited to have him in their homes and lives.  Girlie is happy to have him, as is Niecy and Nephew, and their families. He is happy to come and live in a new town, or is trying to make it his new life, and all seems to be going wonderfully. 

Sister brought him down to meet us yesterday.  He is so eager to be included in the family, he was very gentle and nice to all the little ones that were here, Cubbie, Boy, Curious and Cartoons, they all loved him.  He was good with all the dogs that needed petted from him.  He just seemed to want to be a part of us all, he seemed to be looking at us as his new family, which was never the case with the other kids that Sister had.   He just seems to fit and wants to so badly.  I think for now I will call him, Family, I hope to always.  He is perfect for Sister and Brothers family, he may just be the one to complete them. 

Poppie is to be taking him to school so was excited to get to meet him. The girls weren't home so they will meet him on Monday, but I am sure like every one else they will like him.  I am not unaware that there will be growing pains along the way, all families have to have them but with such good intent and eagerness for acceptance, on both sides, at the beginning of the experience, I have such hope for the love to come and the family and life building they will have in all of their futures..... tomorrow.

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