Saturday, November 26, 2011

No snow here so no sledding, A day with the ladies, I know not what it will bring.

The snow has been rained away so it is just chilly out and no sledding here in the yard.  I am not sure they remember that that was there plan for the weekend or not.  The grandkids were here and they played in the boat so I think that there ability to adapt and go forward is alive and intact.  It always amazes me how eight and nine year olds change at the blink of an eye.  Just a short year or so ago they were totally dependent on you for their entertainment or thoughts for it.  I am not saying they didn't play and imagine on their own but they still looked to you for structure.  Now my ladies are so much the leaders of the group, they invent the games and guide the littler ones.  They are shortly to no longer be the little girls and will be the young ladies that will determine their lives. I am both proud and so sad to see them develop into who they will be.  I still have to referee some but not the same way I once had to.  They now are developing their strengths in a way that makes them so different from one another and yet so similar.  They call each other on their squabbles in a more meaningful way.  They stand up for their rights to be different.  I am so proud of their initiatives to do for themselves and for others.  I am not sure my older girls were ever like this and surely not at this age.  I was not as good a parent then, and do so regret it, but you can't change the past.  Lamenting yesterday serves no purpose for anyone and is an exercise in futility. It is however humbling to look back and sometimes to look forward.  The past mistakes are not changeable, the future success is plant able if done right.  It is like sowing a seed, we harvest what we sow.  God watches our harvest and blesses us.

I am hoping to spend the day doing something fun with the ladies today, maybe cookies, outdoor chores, maybe some Kinect, some laundry or who knows what.  We are trying to be well rounded, so all would be options toward that goal.  I do know unless a huge storm rolls through we won't be sledding anywhere near here.  I heard someone say this morning. "don't let someone Else's urgency determine your response"  I like that, no one has the right to make you do any thing, you choose your timing and your path.  I hope I have instilled that strongly enough in my girls, if not I will keep working on their getting it.... tomorrow.

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