Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baby shower day, Winter blues and God's blessings and love.

Today is the day of the baby shower, we have a lot of snow on our little hill and more came down during the night. Our hill is hard to make in the winter, even if you have a front wheel drive or sometimes a four wheel drive.  Driving ability is paramount to making it do the top of the hill, some are not making it up. Others make it up fine, confidence is a factor as well. I hope people are able to come if not the ones who do will be enjoyed and we will have fun.  The girls are finishing up there coloring project, then cooking to finish.  We got most of the carpets cleaned yesterday, a couple left to do this morning too. A project and plan always makes the morning go by faster.

Sister had a blue day yesterday, I am sorry she was so blue.  I spent my 30's blue and wouldn't go back to my 30's for the world, I have said so for years.  I am now getting old enough and past it enough to realize it was not my 30's so much as loneliness that I could not over come, I think maybe in many respects I tried to do it on my own and eventually was overwhelmed and gave up.  I didn't trust the Lord enough to take it to him, I didn't know how to ask my family for help and they didn't know how to help me.  I asked Poppie for help but he didn't know what to do and so in the end he enabled me to become worse.  He did it out of love but didn't know what I really needed.  I had to learn with distance that my 30's was something to give thanks for. I enjoy live so much more now because I know what it is like to let it pass you by.

I take solace in the scripture, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.  I think this is one of my favorite verses in all the bible.  I think that when we are in the midst of the hardest times in our lives and take a moment to give thanks it takes our mind off of our circumstances and makes us think about our love for God.  It renews our faith and understanding that God is in control of our lives.  We just have to remember not to try and take control but to take joy in the fact that God controls our lives and we need to take comfort in that.  This year has been a hard year, on many levels, for us here but in so many ways this has been a wonderful year. I have spent so much more time with the Lord than I have in many years.  I have given my little ladies a true sense of God more than any other time in their lives.  We speak of the Lord more daily than we have in years.  We pay homage and reverence to him so much more, we are giving him the control of our lives.   I think that in ways the problems we have had are a direct attacks from Satan testing our faith.  Satan has seen that we are happier, our faith in God is stronger and he pushes us to see if we will continue to have faith in God.  We are grounded in the truth, and living there, so we are his failures but our spirits are so much more secure.... tomorrow.

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