Monday, November 21, 2011

There is no such thing as a free lunch? What is the goal of your life?

Years ago I heard a "joke" about a man who wanted to read the bible but he was too lazy to read so many books and pages.  He was a rich man and he thought he would pay some one to condense the massive volume down for to his liking.  He hired a group of translators, clerics and cynics to work together on the task.  They studied and worked on the problem and returned sometime later with a chapter for him to read, he was aghast that he would be required to read so much still so he sent them back to their work.  They returned again with a page and he was still not happy.  They went back to the drawing board and returned with a paragraph and that was still to long for him.  He angrily sent them back to get it right, they returned a long time later with a sentence.  "There is no such thing as a free lunch" was their concentrated and condensed version on the Bible.  To some this is funny, to others horrible sacrilegious but in reality probably the basic truth if they had included any reference to the Lord Jesus.  The Bible is not a story of a free lunch or a free ride to life eternal.  Jesus paid it all for all who believe on him, that in essence is does validate that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  I have often thought the funniest part of the joke, and probably the real humor we were mean to get, was that the laziness of the rich man represents so many peoples outlook on spiritual believe or the quest for it.  Some many people want it to be a neatly handed to them with out any work on their part.  They over look that the path of spirituality can be a lifetime journey with ups and downs, a life time of understanding and study.  Alas there are those who come to the Lord in the last moment of life, but they didn't send people out to do the work for them, they truly only come to the Lord at the end of their lives by true love and spiritual transformation not through sinful lazy intent.

What is the goal of your life?  I have always know that my goal is to go to Heaven when I die, but I have human frailty and haven't always walked a straight path to the Lord.  Others would judge and say that I have never been on a path with the Lord.  I do so love that the Lord will judge me and not my fellow man.  I have learned along the path of my lifetime that we never truly know anyone but ourselves. Sometimes we get to know our spouses, but still some only know so much about their spouses.  I would say I know Poppie as good as anyone knows another person and he me, but I do know couples who don't seem to know each other that well and what's more don't care about knowing each other any better than they do.  I truly don't understand that but it is not for me to judge. Knowing so little about our fellow man is a good thing and a bad thing I suppose.  Not knowing gives us all freedom of our own life, but opens us up to the imagination of overly curious people, who have entirely to much time on their hands and waging tongues.  I think the gossip is something we all endure and become victim to along the way in our lives but that shouldn't discourage us.  Live in the end is about our choices, our goals, and our belief in God.  We get to choose, accept and devote our lives to the Lord on his terms, he knows us as we really are and loves us still, thank goodness it is him and not humanity that gets to see into our souls.....tomorrow.

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