Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Prayers for Belle this morning, Drama Queens dog needs some too.

This morning Belle has surgery and needs the prayers of one and all for a successful long term out come. She has struggled for 15 years with her reoccurring problems and I pray that the Lord blesses her with a long term solution to her health issues.  She has important things to do and needs good health to accomplish them.  She has kids to raise in the Lord and is there a more important task for any mother?  I pray she gets the out come she needs and God's will be done.

My sister Drama Queen's bulldog is very sick and is going through kidney failure at the vet's hospital I do pray her dog gets well, she is only a couple years old so has a long good life to look forward to. God, please, if it be your will let her recover.

Today is going to be another crisp cold morning, a little warmer than yesterday.  Poppie will be helping his friend get his rabbits all tucked in for winter.  His friend broke his finger about six weeks ago and it is not looking well yet.  Poppie is worried about his friend.  His friend has splinted it but it doesn't seem to be getting better and it is a color that concerns Poppie. Poppie will be gone most of the morning so I will have to do chores again by myself.  I will not have Boy and Cubbie to help this morning. Boy will be at pre-school and Cubbie will probably be home. It is a good work out for me in the mornings.

Tomorrow, Belle's Little Mischief is to come and spend the morning with me.  She is a darling little girl but her mind goes 90 miles an hour and she is always thinking about something to do with herself.  She is very bright but sometimes, to much so, for her own good. She has a walker but she is much quicker without it but is being encouraged to use the walker more as she gets older.  She has just turned 7 recently so is getting to be quite a young lady.  I am not sure if the kids will be here to play with her, or not, but if not she will have me to spend the morning with while her Momma is in the hospital.  She will be here while her older sister is at work. 

I wish a prayer filled day to all who need the blessings of God in their lives, I know we all do, but some days some need special blessing more than others...... tomorrow.

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