Saturday, November 5, 2011

Teacher conference went well, an afternoon with my ladies priceless.

I began the day yesterday going to teacher conferences.  Booboo went with me and had a great time.  She has the most wonderful teacher and we got to talk about Booboo's success at school. She is a leader in her class and she likes to help other students. She wants to be a teacher.  She is a wonderful reader but her accuracy makes her speed a little slower but she is still top of her class.  She adores her teacher and emulates her, I can see her Mrs. Cooper is her actions and philosophies some times, a great tribute to a teacher she will always adore and who has made a remarkable difference in her life.  I told her teacher just that and she cried and had to have a hug from Booboo.  She is a wonderful teacher and as a parent I have a responsibility to tell her that she has such a significant place in Booboo's life.  Teachers, the good ones, couldn't possibly do it for the money as they make less every year, they do it for the shear joy and love of the children.  We are bless to have her in Booboo's life.

Yogie didn't want to go, I think she was apprehensive, she has been stressed over the OOP and I think is showing a ray of peace that we got it.  Her grades were wonderful but a little off in reading in the last couple weeks.  She had gotten a refocus the first week of school and was so worried about it.  Her teacher who is a very nice woman, I hadn't meant her until yesterday,  told me she would was a wonderful student, very kind and a pleasure in the class.  I told her about the refocus worries and she said Yogie was one of the sweetest students in the class and the refocus was a fluke, so next quarter she should get to be in the front of the class as not having one.  Yogie had never had a refocus until this one and it weighed heavy on her heart.  I am sure she will never get another one. She is 100 percent in science, 97 percent in math and 99 percent in spelling and 91 in reading so she is doing as good as her sister.  Mrs. Cooper told me that if they keep it up they should be able to get alot of scholarships so that is good, I told her I really needed to get a handle on how to send them to college, she told me to work with the counselor when they got older as they were super students.  We talked about 4h as a good way for them to earn money for college.  I told her they were going to join next year when they could do it together, when Booboo turns 9.

Belle, is going to have to have surgery again,  she has had to have surgery every couple years for the last 15, it has been almost two now.  She is going have it this coming week, I pray that she has a better outcome this time and get a permanent solution to her problems. God's will, and plan, will be done in her life. 

The girls and I spent the day doing house work, watched kids for a couple hours and then studied their Awana's books.  They really love studying about the Lord.  They have moments when it is much more pressing that they learn and last night was one of those. We worked together for a couple hours then they put in the cd, that comes with their study book, and worked on it longer after I went to bed.  I can't say I have a problem if they stay up late learning about the Lord, priceless..... tomorrow.


  1. I'm glad the girls are doing so well, and that they like school. They have a wonderfully well rounded and love filled with you and Tony, and it shows! F

  2. Good luck to Belle... I've had more than my share of surgeries... so I know what that's all about. Sis

  3. Thank you F, that means so much, we try hard. Sis, I will let her know you send your Best.


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