Thursday, November 10, 2011

Buga to visit this morning, Poppie is sore and needs a rest, so maybe light yard work later.

No fire wooding this morning, change of plans.  Buga will come and visit with us this morning. Poppie got so much cold in his bones yesterday that he needs a good rest this morning.  Maybe we will get to do the last of the yard work this afternoon, snow coming this weekend.

I am hoping to get the baby knitting mostly done in the next few mornings. I am getting my upcycled teddies closer to being done and ready to be little person friends. I think they are too cute, some remind me of Raggedy Ann like beings. One is different colors and textures, a real textural experience for it;s future little person to be sure.

Sister sent me some nice wool last night, so now I have to decide to whether to make teddies or shorties, I am thinking the teddies will be more fun, but the shorties would be so practical.  I also could wear one of them it is so pretty, but I would only destroy a nice wool sweater doing chores, oh the choices we can make.

Speaking of choices, we had an incident happen yesterday that only makes me wonder again what could possible go on in some peoples minds.  I just have to say why is it that some adults never grow up and become adults.  Why would an "adult" really spend so much time stalking and harassing one little child that doesn't need the stress in her life.  Even, when told point blank by the Judge to be an adult and leave the child alone, the "adult" still acts like a mean spirit uncaring and unthinking bully.   I thought that as a rule parents disciplined that out of children by around third grade, oh, sorry forgot the victim is a third grader and she is more responsible so the older and more intelligent in this situation.  Here's to caring adults that want the best for children and not to victimize them, but with the current situation going on at Penn State maybe I can't hope or pray for that here either..... tomorrow.

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