Monday, November 28, 2011

School today, a day of rest, not, Cubbie to visit while Mom goes to a OB appointment.

The ladies couldn't seem to go to sleep last night, they talked and giggles well past their bedtime.  I did make a deal with them if they brush their teeth both morning and night until Bubbie is born, with out me having to nag, they could go see her at the hospital, if not I wouldn't take them.  I have to take all four, Yogie, Booboo, Boy and Cubbie to the dentist the morning that Bubbie is to come, and I threatened not to take them to see her, I am not sure that my ladies are old enough to understand the hollowness of the threat but it is working so far. Nice not to have to nag, I think the lecture of how they are old enough for it to be their responsibility without me reminding them is getting old. They are up and about getting ready to go to school so they are excited to get to see their friends again which it good.

The girls and I split wood and stacked it while Poppie worked on the Jeep yesterday afternoon.  He found the the heater didn't work because of a faulty vacuum line, he couldn't make a little door open as the vacuum wasn't fixable so he blocked it open.  They will now have heat in the Jeep on their way to school.  He and friend made a taillight to replace the one that was broken.  Funny he has already had two offers to buy the Jeep and he has barely gotten it on the road.  It is a wonderful old Jeep and will celebrate it's 40 th birthday in 2013.  It is a nice old vintage vehicle and that is why Poppie was so glad to receive it when Belle's Groom gave it to him.  It is such a blessing that we have it now. 

I am finishing working on a moose sculpture and a feather sculpture, hoping to list them on ETSY and Ebay soon.  I have been working on a special order for a walking stick and a knife that we should finish today.  Got an order for a knife handle for a new to be grandfather to make his first grandson his first knife so will finish up that today, I love when I get to help someone make a special gift that will be come an heirloom. 

I will have Cubbie this morning and Boy after pre-school today,  Mokie is going to Zootown for one of her last OB appointments.  They are getting so excited for Bubbie to come, I am hoping they are narrowing down her name or she won't be able to come home from the hospital, too funny.  I think they will get it picked out soon it is just funny that they procrastinate to the very last minute with their girl's names.  Mokie was told by her OB Dr to gain weight she has lost a total of 6 lbs since she got pregnant, she is healthy and the baby is healthy but she is starting to look a little thin.  I think it is a combination of her Chrons and her new teeth helping to keep her losing weight.  She had a little extra to begin with but now she is thin. 

I hear a distinct lack of movement in the other room so off to prod the ladies into action.... tomorrow.

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