Friday, November 4, 2011

Love thy Neighbor and the blessing of enemies. Both on my mind of late.

I, as you know, have been having issues with my neighbor since early September it has weighed heavy on my heart and I  have prayed long and hard about the problem.  I have had a vicious "church lady and a chaplain" spamming me about how evil I am not to love my neighbor.  The stress from the spammer was hard to get through but God sends us the blessing of trials and I got through it and am the better for the "thoughtful" messages. Not a stretch to guess who the messages were from and soon will have it verified, but either way I am no longer bothered by them, love the spam button and proving a violation priceless. But more importantly I struggled with my inability to love my personal neighbor, not a generic neighbor.  I don't hate my neighbors as that would imply that I care enough about them to hate them and I don't love them, I can't bring myself there either.  I feel indifference and I have always said that that is a bigger sin than hating as it means total lack or caring about someone, so I have prayed to God for guidance and he spoke to me in a couple of ways.  Firstly, he made me see that through my praying that I was to love my neighbor but I was also to love my enemy, in an epiphany, and in God's voice I heard this.  I asked myself, Love my enemy? 

God instructs us to love our enemies.  If God asks us to love our enemies he must have a place for them in our lives and we must be able to have them.  I have never truly had and enemy before so had not thought much about them in my life.  I am not saying that I haven't had issues with people but never to an extent that I would have thought of them as an enemy.  Having an enemy is new to me so I ask God to explain enemies to me, and why we were allowed to have them and love them.  I went to me new favorite Bible to study, the Internet.  I can push a button and get every versus in many translations so as to more easily understand the word of God.  I typed in the blessing of enemies and to my total shock a sermon from a young man came up. Coincidentally, the young man live is Zootown and accidental one of my sister in laws went to school with him.  I knew for sure in that moment the Lord was truly guiding me in my quest to understand enemies my second blessing.  I am including a link to the sight as it is a copyrighted sermon and I do honor copyright laws and don't want to be in trouble for the illegal act of copyright infringement.

The sermon is wonderful and just what I needed to alleviate the stress and my struggle with my faith in having an enemy.  I find now that having an enemy is a blessing.  I do alot of the things that Jeremy Meyers talks about in his sermon.  I am more careful with my loved ones, I find that I am following what the Lord asks me to do more.  I take care as I know I am being followed and watched for a mistake that I might make. I know that the lords asks me different things in response to an enemy but as having one is new to me it will take me awhile to fulfill all that steps of having an enemy but the Lord will give me the time to go through the steps but for now I am coming to terms with the Lords blessing of an enemy and that is a start on my journey..... tomorrow.

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