Monday, January 28, 2013

An alone morning, a blessing.... yarn, cleaning and ?

I am alone, this morning in this house that rarely happens, for the most part I am usually not all that comfortable being alone.  I have never spent much time alone so I don't normally seek it out.  I think it is because my life has always been so full of people I just got used to the overload of noise and motion.  It almost makes me uncomfortable in total silence.  I think that is why the TV's in our house are never turned off, they time out sometimes and sometime no one puts them back on but we don't shut them off.  I am of the firm belief that because they are always background noise they aren't a forbidden want of treat.  They, we have 4, are mostly on the news, children's programing or a educationally channel, well except for Bug he likes stupid stuff and tends to cause TV havoc, but when it is just us it is the reason my mind is full of so much useless trivia.  Now you know why I know the oddest fact that no one needs to know or why I know about some odd bit to news from Timbuktu.  I digress.  I am alone with news talking about the 28 anniversary of "we are the world",  see I told you.  Anyway.  I am enjoying my time of alone,  I have studied the Bible for the last two hours.  The Ladies and I read, they studied their latest parables, Booboo has 12 verses and Yogie 10, Booboo is almost done learning hers Yogie is behind a little but in the end Yogie will have it miraculously learned with less mistakes than Booboo.  Booboo over thinks it and lets, unassurance be a stumbling block to her.  I have been studying about Good and Bad Soul-ties, and Roman's 6.  It was an interesting perspective.  I am well into the second of a hole stack of books that we got to have when the Preacher was cleaning out his library.  The first book I read was a dissertation of I Corinthians by M.R. De Haan, he died when I was five so it is an older book but the insights really spoke to me.  I went ahead and bid on 6 more books that he wrote on Ebay, I won 3, so the Lord must have thought those were the ones I should study next.  I do like his writing.  The book I am working on now is a little more out there.  It is a two book series on spiritual warfare by a contemporary Minister.  I am not sure I agree with all of his writing but some of it is really good questions for my soul.  The chapter today was a great one, the last chapter was an odd perspective, but it did make me spend a whole morning of study in the Bible to see it that is what I think it actually said so maybe that was God's point for me.  I didn't really agree in the end but I did get a better concept of what I thought bonding and loosing was about, I also read many an opinion on the Internet about the subject so now I have a concept, with all the input digested, of what I think God is saying to me on the subject.  I think in the end that is what God wants of us in any study of his word, what others think taken in to perspective, but alas the Word is a personal message to you from God and you have to discern what it is he is actually saying to you.  God is always personal or he wouldn't be Our Savior.

I am hoping to get to make more of my rug with the t-shirt yarn I am making.  I do have to get some more tees, I can't wait to dye some to make a funky project.  Lady suggested I teach the girls to make totes that might be just the thing.   Bug called me a hippy yesterday.  I told him I was to young to be a hippy, the young they have to concept of time.  I am well on 10 years to young.  I admit to being a homesteader, to old to be a granola, I am an upcycler have been all my life long before it was vogue but I am not a hippy.  Sometimes I think I might have liked to have been one but you can't lay claim to something you are or were not.  He just laughed, details are important don't you know, and 10 years is much more than a detail.....  Moving on, no need to poke.  I may just make a cake, Booboo and I made huckleberry Chutney, it turned out great, she is so proud of her accomplishment.  She ended up with 3 pints, we didn't can them but she is going to gift one to Lady, she can't wait to share.  She is really my baker, cook and chemist.  I am a dabbler and am never satisfied with the recipes,  I am of the firm belief make it once by the recipe and then the sky is the limit to play.  Poor thing she hasn't a chance not to be a chemist in the kitchen.  I am thinking I will treat them with a cake or a huckleberry bread when they get home.  I found that we still have a lot more than I thought we had in the freezer.  It is the first time I have had so many huckleberries, I can be charitable with their use, such a blessing the Lord gave us.  Off to start may day alone, no kids, Poppie will come home when I am at my wits ends of being alone and that will be nice, now to fill up the alone.... tomorrow.

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