Saturday, January 26, 2013

Will be grinding today, socks done, basketball and NO Grands!

I didn't get the grinding done yesterday, Poppie wouldn't let me, said to much going on, he was the smarter for nixing my plans.  So today we grind, love the we in that.   Some days the kids are a lot more work than other days, and some weeks they are a lot more of everything than others and this week was one of those.  I am not sure if it was me or if it was Lady telling me how tired she was from her grands this week.  I guess it has become so much of my normal daily routine that I have forgotten how tired it makes me sometimes.  I am old and maybe it is just the habit that has made my CRS cloud my mind to how tiring they can be.  It was good to be reminded on some levels but by last evening I was ready for a weekend without them.  No grands until Tuesday.  Yay, well they will come over to visit I am sure, ones in the other room now waiting for Poppie to take him and the girls to basketball (practise this morning and a game this afternoon) but I can send them home anytime. I don't have to be screamed at by Bubbles, or fight with her to speak and not yell,  I don't have to have Cubbie's naughty little finger shook at me and then have to give her a lecture before she gets to stand in the corner until she has a nice apology for Nannie.  I don't have to referee any squabbles between Boy and his sisters or Boy and the Ladies.  I don't have to save Bubbles from falling off of the counter she has climbed on, oh that she was a normal 13 month old who was only just getting to be a good walker and not a runner that thinks climbing is her forte. I won't miss getting her away from my PC because she thinks it is fun because Mokie and Poppie both play pinball with her on their laps,  it is nice that my laptop is no fun as she has no idea it plays games as I don't let them us my laptop to play, think what she would do to it if it held any interest for her.  Yay, no Grands today!!

I made a Granny Smith pie and a Peach pie yesterday.  I made the crust with my old reliable recipe but I used coconut oil instead of lard or butter.  It turned out wonderful, I love the fats that God gave us and not the ones that the chemists made.  I am not of the persuasion that advertising, and pay outs to Doctors, makes that garbage they want us to use is better for our health than the fats and foods he gave us are.  The closer to the ground you eat the better off you are.  Off the soapbox and going on.  Cubbie got to help with the crust she was so proud.  Bubbles got to watch, you know the saying keep your friend close but your enemies closer, Bubble is in the category some days, who would want to loose a tornado in a house?  I finished the socks for Yogie, and trimmed up some t-shirts to cut into yarn, so excited.  I am going to go to our local thrifty store, soon as it opens from the winter layoff, and get some fun colors.  I did look up the cutting methods that Lady had advised me of on the Internet, it showed both of the ways I was doing it so I guess I was on the curve.  I do need to get my rotary cutter out, well when Bubbles and Cubbie aren't about,  just the thought of that gives me shivers.... hmmm, no, lets not think of it.

I worked on my log cabin rug with the t-shirt yarn and it is coming along great, it is kind of exciting to watch it progress.  It is stretcher than the old cotton rugs I made as a kid, we made braided ones, crocheted ones and knitted ones, this one has a whole different feel which it really nice.  It is lighter and heavier all at the same time,  it is just different lets say, so a blessing.  I read the shark book to Cubbie in my spare time yesterday,  she was excited at the variety their was,  she did tell me thank you "because crocodiles and sharks are her favorites" don't you know...... May the Lord bless your day,  remember to take advantage of your prayer closet because the Lord so loves to speak to you and hear you praises of Love.  Nothing like a relationship with Our Lord, it is indescribable, and unimaginably rewarding, oh, that I could share with you my joy, but I can't it is something you have to experience one on one for yourself.  I hope you seek out your own relationship with the Lord.... tomorrow.

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