Thursday, January 10, 2013

Poppie travels alone, knitting him more socks, Pinochle.....

Poppie is off and out of the house, dropping off the Ladies and Drama's girls at school on the way.  I have never been good about him traveling alone and surely not on a day when the roads are all icy.  I have such respect for those of you that have loved ones that travel daily and go about your lives as if it is normal, well I suppose it is but just saying I am not brave enough or strong enough to go threw the daily stress.  It doesn't help that facebook is full of people talking about icy roads and the news is saying lots of it is out there.  I know that God will have him in his arms but I still worry that is what I do, I know I am a sinful sinner. 

I started my first pair of toe up socks for Poppie, I am also doing an afterthought heel, that way when Poppie wears it out I will just knit a new one and not have to darn it.  He swears that his socks don't need washing, he doesn't sweat and why should that ruin his socks anyway?  Okay so it is an ongoing difference in philosophies, but he isn't the one that has to fix the sock with no heels left in them.  I can say that they are the easiest sock I have ever knitted.  I don't actually like the circular needle knitting but love the Judy's Magic cast on.  I am a four needle person at heart I guess.  Love the new but still cling to the old comfy ways, a rebel and a conformist all rolled up into one. Using two sets of fours, just saying.

Poppie and I have bought a deck of Pinochle cards.  We haven't played in years, probably 20, but are determined to oil up and dust off our game.  We started with me showing Poppie the melds, the hands and counting. We wants me to make him a cheat sheet so he can remember them.   I couldn't quite remember how to play two handed, as I have mostly played cut throat or doubles but after reading on it I now remember why my parents drafted me into being a third at such a young age.  Two handed is crazy, and now I also know why when they couldn't have me play with them they played their own version of two handed cut throat.  We are going to play the two handed cut throat they played as well so Poppie can relearn the game and then draft the ladies into playing doubles with us.  The Ladies can't wait to play and urging Poppie to become proficient enough to play with them.  I think once we get into it we are going to try and get Lady and Sweetie to play, but then we may have to play 6 handed, never thought of that.... or maybe the ladies can play something else.  Maybe Lady and I can go to Pinochle nights at the seniors sometimes.  Well after we all get good at it, so future ramblings at best. 

Poppie should be home by noon and he and Bug are going to harvest, I know it never happens but I have been assured it for sure will.  I can hope and maybe it will..... tomorrow.

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