Friday, January 18, 2013

To believe.....

Belief is an interesting thing don't you think?  Ever know a child that didn't believe that their daddy or mommy could do anything, well a real little child?  Ever know an adult child that didn't still hold out hope that their parent could become the parent they always wanted, you know way down deep where they keep their most personal wants and needs?  The belief of a child.  The Bibles tell us of that kind of believe a lot and in a lot of different places.  That's the kind of believe that God's wants from any of us. 

Think of a child's believe in Santa, a monster, or God.  It is something that is so innocent and pure.  They don't have a hidden agenda or preconceived notions of what it should be or what they want of it they just believe and it is so.  They out grow Santa and the monsters, and sadly so many out grow that simple faith in God.  Oh, we all out grow the simplest of faith in God and have to work so hard to become like a child in our faith.  You know that all believing and knowing that all he says and does for us is possible.  Oh, that when we pray to God and asked for something we could have knowing faith that he will provide, that he will give us what we need and never have a doubt.  You know like when an infant cries and knows mom will come, that baby has no doubt, it knows with all it's being you are coming and you will feed and take care of all its needs.  Blind faith with out any strings. 

Faith is just that knowing with out evidence.  Oh, to know that I could have that kind of faith, but I alas fall short every single day.  I pray for God to provide but I can't get rid of that nagging little worry some where way down deep, like the adult child.  Well I guess that is just what I am the adult child that hasn't got the faith of a mustard seed.  Think about just how small a mustard seed is, there isn't a seed smaller, and the Bibles says I could move a mountain with that much faith.  Oh, how little faith even the most faithful of us have, smaller than a mustard seed beyond a doubt, see any mountains moved, ever?  I have decided to try and just simply believe.  My dad always said God will provide,  I am thinking that was his way of saying I believe.  Oh, if I could only manage that simple amount of belief.  I am going to practice my believing daily, and I am going to pray to believe. If I can manage to pray for the belief to believe in all that he can provide I will truly be blessed.  He has already given me salvation through Jesus and all I had to do is believe just a simple amount of belief.  I am also praying for the faith to share my belief and you are where I start.... tomorrow.

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