Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cubbie was contrite, socks knitted and more to go.....

I had a nice slow day yesterday.  Cubbie had had a looooong talk with her mom, I am told, and told Nannie didn't want her at her house if Cubbie couldn't be on her best behavior.  She was an angel, imagine that, Cubbie an angel and she wasn't even asleep.  Poppie has always maintained she is an angel when she sleeps but not much of the rest of the time.  She got a broom and did her level best to help with the sweeping.  She scrub brushed the dirt the cat had knocked out of the plant when she was laying in it, which she is not to do.  She helped keep her sister out of the kitchen.  Bubbles on the other hand lost her bottle privileges.  I caught her sitting on Cubblies freshly swept floor poking the nipple into the bottle and pouring milk out.  I took it away and put it behind the sink, exactly as I found it, to show her mother what she had done.  She got the little stool and tried to retrieve it, that is when she lost her kitchen access.  She was not happy she screamed at me her disagreement with me.  I told her to go lay on her blanket and take a nap, with out her bottle.  She screamed at me for awhile then laid down and tried to nap, didn't make it but did play with her toys and stopped thinking about her bottle that was in time out.  When her mom came home for lunch I told her and she said "oh she does that" and I said "she doesn't at Nannies."  The rest of the day was pretty much uneventful, I knitted Booboo's socks and the little girls played.  Cubbie got hungry at just before five and I had to tell her I am not allowed to give her anything because her dad won't let me feed her after 2, as if I do she won't eat her dinner and he is not happy about that.  I told her to take it up with her daddy.

Poppie is totally in love with his socks, the best pair I have made him per him.  I finished Booboo's and she loves hers, today I tackle Yogie's and then I plan on making Poppie another pair.  I am making lots of stuff this spring but I am trying to concentrate on the needs of my family and not making things to sell.  They have patiently awaited their turn and it is time.  I can't wait to see "the makes that I make," kudos to the late Dr. Seuss.  Did I tell you that Lady gave me a wonderful copy of the autobiography of Ted Geiesel.  I am reading it, but between my bible time and my studies of Corinthians it is not coming along all that fast but I love love love it.  Booboo is actually reading my adult Seuss works now.  She is struggling a little with the "inventive" words of the master.  Funny some of the drawings of socks in One foot, two foot, okay I digress, going on now.

Socks today, Cubbie and Bubbles hope it is a nice uneventful day.  I like the little smiles that Bubbles gives me just not the ones with the naughty twinkle in her eye.  It always means she has a plan and her plans can be worse than Cubbies, imagine that?  I hope your day is full of hope and joy, the Lords blessing and love.  Without Jesus Christ our Lord we are but nothing, how lonely and sad is that nothingness.... tomorrow.

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