Saturday, January 19, 2013

Giggly little girls, basket ball and later baskets....

Booboo had a friend over last night, Foster and Tinkers little girl, Opinionated, she is the youngest with three older brothers, one very rough and tumble, so she has learned loudly and mouthier how to be heard.  Booboo and her have a sort of love hate relationship that little girls have, it remains to be seen if they can work it into a life long friendship.  The good news is that Yogie helped me with my paperwork so there wasn't the competition of three and all were asleep by 9, two in one room and one on the chair in the front room.  What a wonderful compromise and respect of each others space.  Boy arrived at 6 this morning, so he could go to basketball mom dropped him off.  They are all off and gone to basket ball.  Today is the day they are actually going to harvest and all the little girls are excited to help, we will see how that goes.  I think Yogie and Opinionated are ready for the chore, it remains to be seen how Booboo will fair.  Opinionated may spend the night again and be back to go to Church with us in the morning.

Poppie is off enjoying the basketballers,  he finds the time he spend with them so much fun.  I will be going with them next week.  Had some stuff to get done this morning and maybe by then Booboo won't get side tracked making sure where I am.  She loves when I go but trips over herself making eye contact with me, I am her stumbling block so to speak.  I think she will settle down to it in the end.

Today is our first BBFC day at our new site, can I hear a YAY!.  We are so excited we ended up with 60 baskets for our first day out so we are excited, that is so great.  We should soon be more but that is so wonderful for opening day.  The basket seem to have lots of nice items in them.  The contributors will be so excited.  I can't wait for my apples and strawberries, I am going to make more jelly, Poppie loves strawberry the best.  Booboo is out of apples, keeping her in apples is a constant battle, she loves fruit and with all of her stomach, or unknown at this time, issues that is a blessing.  Today we are starting a new adventure, one it seems like it took months to pack for, funny how that is.  I can't wait to see where the adventure takes us but we are up to the task, both Lady and I are good, very good, at figuring it out as we go and thinking on our feet, we are both the oldest don't you know.... tomorrow.

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