Sunday, January 13, 2013

Surprise is good for the body, and the mind I am thinking.... Surprise is good!! Bountiful Baskets is here this week!!

Lady and I have given out the information that the Bountiful Baskets Food Coop site of Superior Downtown is to have it first pick up day on January 19, isn't that three week earlier than expect?, yes it is.  It was a surprise to us too, we didn't dump this on any one on purpose.  Now that we have all had a moment to breath, I hope you were all setting when you got the info, I had to, I made sure Lady could.  All surprised and now all are coming around to the reality of  "if you asked for it you just might get it".   We asked to be on as soon as we could get every thing done and God has answered our prayers, so now we getting it down as a team is next on the agenda. 

Lady is working hard on the events page on Facebook, and their our lots of question, I have tried to answer as many as I have seen.  Lady is thinking we should have a Q and A at the library at 4 on Monday and all our welcome to come to CAKLS on Tuesday for more Questions if they have them.  Our site should be on the Bountiful contributions for baskets on Monday, 10 eastern and close at 10 eastern on Tuesday to contribute for the drop.  Can't wait to see us there.  Still have to pinch myself that it is happening. 

We are hoping to get a group site up on Facebook for all who would like to volunteer.  It will give us a real time way to talk to volunteers and give out info.  We will be developing the site as soon as we can and get it up in the next couple days.  I can't wait to have the site going and all who want to come and volunteer and contribute together for the first time.  ..... tomorrow.

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