Saturday, January 12, 2013

Can't Sleep.... so I contemplate....

Today was a nice quiet day.  Bubbbles was on a terror I was forever getting her out of something.  Cubbie stood up to the plate and tried to help me with her.  I had to make her not lift her sister as that just plain makes Bubbles mad.  Bubbles is sliding into the bad habit of lots of third or second children.  She thinks screaming at you gets her what she wants, and it doesn't work at Nannies, so that makes her scream louder until Nannie wins.  I won't give her her bottle or anything else until she says Please.  No, screaming louder doesn't get you what you want.  She is learning, her mom told me she won't say it for her so she has given up, Nannie is not a Lilly liver and winning is and can be important so Nannie wins.  Sometimes the patience it takes to win may not actually be worth the effort, today was one of those days.  I had to smack her hand for being naughty and doing things she knew were naughty.  No, the cute little smile does not make it better or give you a free pass to naughtiness.  I am to old for these battles some days, God did know in his infinity wisdom that mommies needed to be young and let me tell you today I was OLD. 

I knitted on Poppie's socks, I have had to rip out some and restart but am getting a workable pattern established for his long foot.  I will have all the kinks worked out for the second pair.  One sock complete and the other almost done. I was happily knitting away when I checked my email.  I would have had to sit down had I not already been sitting.  I had to call Lady and make sure she was sitting as well.  I got an email about our BBFC site,  we were hoping and preparing for a February 9 opening date.  The email said we are opening next Saturday.  I told the VAC we would be ready for whenever they could fit us in.  We are so excited about opening we don't want to make any waves that would hamper that.  Now the work to getting things done begins, IE I am up at 2 in the morning working on things and somehow I am still up at 3:30 blogging to you.  I am so excited, nervous and hopefully will be ready to go on opening day.

The Ladies and Boy have basketball in the morning.  They are going to the local one, no I didn't let them go to the one at the YMCA I think that it was a great idea and effort on the part of the coach but I want them here.  I think they are too little to travel to the Zoo in the winter for Saturday morning games.  Booboo already is tired in the evenings without practicing before school at 7 in the morning twice a week.  They are doing the one that is offered local, intramural with the majority of the kids.  I know the other option would be better in ways but it is a little cost prohibitive right now and a lot of travel that is not necessary for them at their ages.  I think other parents made that choice as well but some did send their kids to the Y.  I was pulled both ways but in the end I let the girls make the call.  They are going this morning with their friends.  Maybe next year they can do the Y but that will remain to be seen at this point. Oh, and the good news is that I get to have Bubbles so Son can go with Boy, and Oh, I refused to let Cubbie stay with me she can go with her dad and be his problem, Oh, if only Bubbles was old enough to go.... I digress.... lol.

So I have looked up forms, emailed, blogged and now maybe I can wind down enough to sleep or maybe not... tomorrow.

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