Sunday, January 6, 2013

Maintenance is a daily process in all aspects of life....

The Ladies and I had a conversation this morning as part of our daily Bible/reading time I have found that is one of the unexpected rewards from the daily endeavor.  Today's conversation was about obeying our parents and liars.  We read the first two chapters of Romans.  We spoke of telling others something they should do and not expecting to stay with in that guideline ourselves, a sin and wrong.  We spoke of living by the standards we expect from others.  That lying is a sin no mater how small.   That you should obey your parents but that your parents should also respect your input and should respect your ability to makes choices as you grow into adulthood.  This not the first day that we have had conversations sparked from our readings, it has become an embraced family time.  We have had recent conversations about rape, fornication, reverence, and what is an heir?  It is a way to really be in tune with the girls in ways we didn't expect.  We went in to our devotion to the reading of the Bible with strengthening of faith as the out come never knowing that it would strengthen our bond with our children, not knowing that we would be able to connect with them on the most pressing tribulations that will come along in their lives as the go into puberty.  We have a captive audience that we get to talk to about sex, drugs, alcohol, bullying, and the ways we should conduct ourselves in this life, that being true to ourselves is far more important than being true or in vogue with our friends.  I know that all of my older kids march to their own drums, which I am proud of, but I dropped the ball on so many things that I wish I hadn't with them.  They did always talk to me about things that not all kids can talk to their parents about but they did struggle in school on other levels that I didn't know about at the time.  I hope that I can empower the Ladies to still march to their own drums but in a more secure way than maybe the older kids got to.  I hope that I have learned alot and daily maintenance is one, the daily maintenance of their souls and their well beings by have a family connection as the first thing we do.  I know that most believe it should be around the dinner table, well we don't always manage to actually sit at the table but we have the time to crawl into bed and share Gods Word and the things that it takes us to.

Daily maintenance is now happening in our house as well as our souls and lives.  The Ladies had to bring all the clothes out of their dressers yesterday so we could go through them together.  They assured me all the clothes were ones they wear and use, and that was all that was in their drawers.  Well, not so much, we ended up with a pile to throw out and a pile to give.  See daily maintenance and routine has a place and I am showing them it on a one on one level.  Okay, so many of you out there are saying why didn't she do this before?  Is she only just getting a clue?  Well I have issues about cleaning from my childhood but I am putting them to rest,  No, a clean house is not more important than the kids in it.  NO, a clean house is not more important than getting to go to Church.  NO, a clean house is not important than ?  I still firmly believe in my dad's plaque.  "my house is clean enough be healthy and dirt enough to be happy"  but maintenance might be something we can manage in moderation.

Poppie spent most of the day getting the water thawed out so no harvest it will be done on Tuesday.  I hope you have a great day, maintenance your soul with the Lord, be it at Church or reading his word, he will call you as he sees fit.  NO greater joy is there than a relationship with God, so many never understand the wondrousness of that relationship, I feel so sad for them, some come to it late in life and other share it with God for a life time but all in God's own time.... tomorrow.

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