Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wonderful get away... CAKLS. pre-school begins anew

Lady and I had a wondrous day.  No place to be and time to be anywhere.  Well, after the dentist, but after that the sky was the limit.  We touched base with one of the ladies from the BBFC in Frenchtown as well, she was excited about our first day, almost as much as we are.  We started the day with a cup of coffee from Ladies new pod machine, bought more coffee at the Zoo and a treat at the Black Cat Bakery, we shopped, we ate at the new Mexican place, it was good but not as good as the other Mexican place we went to a few months back, we shopped some more, we bought more coffee pods, some children items, and new Nook covers for the ladies.  We had a great day and Lady dropped me off to an empty house, a note on the door said they were gone to feed rabbits at the Professor's.  The Ladies made goulash for dinner, with a little advice from Bug.  All in all a wonderful day.

Today Cubbie will be back with Pre-school, we had a dentist appointment last Tuesday so missed.  I am hoping to get to go to CAKLs later.  Planning later in the week to take her on a lunch date with Lady and her GrandGirl.  It should be fun, Lady had said her little one had asked about her friend so we are going to see that they get to play a little while Lady has her little one in town.

I know that yesterday was the second inauguration of BO, I am thinking that since it was on MLK's day of honor he couldn't have been prouder looking down from above.  It says alot about how the world has changed in the last 45 years since his death, so much for the better and so much for the worse on some levels.  That is all I am going to say about the inauguration as I was taught to not say anything if you can't find something good to say, having said all the good I could think of I will now say nothing.......  I was at the checkout at Walmart and the checker was saying how few people were there.  I said I thought maybe the Democrats were at home watching the event.  She thought I was being testy about it, or maybe facetious, but actually I really wasn't, I truly believe on their day off a lot of Dem's were at home watching.  Lady poked me about my mouth getting me in trouble a little with the checker, which was funny.  I was actually expressing my, still, right to be out of town like a lot of other  Republicans did yesterday, mass out of townage in Washington was reported. God save us all..... tomorrow.

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