Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back to school and routines....

Booboo and I canned white beans all day, quick soak, bouillon and then into the pressure canner for 1 and half hours.  Grandpa picked them up for us, we were excited to get them, we can get pinto bean from Costco but the big quantities of white, these being great northern, are harder to find.  I asked Grandpa if he could get garbanzo, but he couldn't, sad.  We made bread, cinnamon rolls, apple pie and turkey pot pie as well.  Baking days are nice and since we had to be in the kitchen anyway might as well get it all done at once. 

Bubbles and Cubbie arrived this morning at 6:45, back to the routine.  The Ladies were  up at 6 for Bible reading, two chapters a morning starting as part of our new year commitment.  They then read their chapter books until 7 after the reading.  I am glad that we didn't get out of the early up routine through the holidays.  It makes it easier to go back to school and it is a good habit in their lives to be up early in the mornings.  They both had curly hair and their berets on as they ran out to go back to school, excited to be back in the company of their friends.  We have decided that our new years resolutions will be good habits, maintenance cleaning, doing the little things before they become big ugly things to conquer.

Two sleeping babies to my left as I type.  I like it when they both take naps right after they come it gives me some alone time to get my thoughts together.  My day will be filled with finishing up the beans, getting back into a routine and maybe just maybe a better more productive one.  I am determined to eliminate and make my minimalist life more truly so.  I am a minimalist that is a hoarder, I am thinking that is an oxymoron and am going to try and equal that out a little.  First of all I am going to get rid of all those I could fit those clothes if I lost a little weight clothes.  I will also be getting rid of the I can fix that if I just had a little time clothes, knick knacks and others what nots.  I am going to put Poppies new office in order,  he got my old one as a place to tool and other things.  Now I just have to get the shelves moved around to store the things for my office, which is now in the living room, it makes it more open access to the computer, so all the kids are comfortable with it being a public thing before there is real need for it to be so.  My sewing area is there as well, I know most people want it out of their living room but the reality of my life is if it is in a different room I can't do it as I always have a child that needs supervision.  Life is not about someone Else's agenda, or what they think things should be like in yours, it is about what actually works for you.  I am planning on cleaning out all the cobwebs of things that don't belong or no longer belong in my life.  That will be a long process but with the girls on board I can manage and it will give them the reality check of not becoming their mom, and having to clean out their future nests, or maybe they are already nesters that need rebooting.....

I am hoping to actually get the last things done for BBFC done.  The holidays really overwhelmed me in many ways and I didn't get all the things I wanted to get done on that front but I am up to the challenge and working on the process..  I have most of the paperwork done, one more form to do,  I have to do the conference call yet.  I am usually in bed by that time so will have to make arrangements to actually be up that late,   late at my house is after 8,  I know I am whining so done now.  I have to get a cell phone that I can text on, and learn to text, so lots of little things to do but I am working on the process. 

The New Year is going to be a challenge to me on many levels,  I have to get more organized.  I can be an A personality but it is a mind set I have to put on.  I tend to be a free spirit, well not in the traditional manner but a free spirit none the less.  I am up to the challenge I just have to take it on like eating an elephant, one bite at a time.  I have prayed for the strength to keep myself on track and the love of God to keep me on track in my routines, cleaning, minimalizing, BBFC, friendships and the praising of God, nothing like losing a 100 pounds but maybe for me a bigger challenge.  Lord give me the support to accomplish my goals, amen.... tomorrow.

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