Thursday, January 24, 2013

Little girls fun, the Lord does see and does always answer prayers...

My day started early, on many levels yesterday,  I tend to be an early riser and so therefore am almost always early to bed.  I don't always jump up and scurry about when I do get up, I check on the news, usually Fox, we do Bible study, we read and then at 7 the ladies begin to get ready for their days.  Yesterday first on my agenda was helping Sister do taxes, which took up part of the morning.  We had time to share the Lords word which was nice and a extra special way to start the day.  Poppie came home so Cubbie and I were off on our date at Ladies and her GrandGirl, her little GrandBoy was there as well. We started with some nice coffee and Lady helped the two little ladies mix up a cake to put into the special pan GrandGirl's mom had sent to make cake pops, yay! Such fun for the little ones.  They both we told to lick their fingers at the end, but you know cake batter and little Ladies, the temptation was to great and their little fingers sneaked into their mouths.  Cake batter is so yummy don't you know, then they would giggle getting to know one another better.  They were soon playing horses in Dora's wonderland and filling her castle with furniture.  Lady had play dough and gel markers to play with to keep their little minds busy.   Soon the little cake pop cakes had cooled and then it was time for dipping and sprinkling.  Little GrandBoy was happy to have the girls to play with, he really liked the melted white chocolate and the sprinkles, I am thinking on his fingers made him as happy as on the cakes.  The sprinkles were getting eaten on coated fingers faster than they made their way to the pops.  All the littles had a great time, Lady had made a wondrous place of childhood fun and memories.  Cubbie said as we left "Nannie can She come spend the night with me?"  I said I thought we would go play again soon and that would be lots of fun.....  We have additional plans for today so they will get to play again.

It was funny, Ironic or just meant to be a day of the Lord yesterday.  Sister and I got to talk about a lot of things we had both had thought about in the Lord.  We tend to have almost the same opinions on the Lord, what he wants from us and how me intend to proceed with what he wants us to do in our lives.  It is really reassuring to hear that you are on the right path in your faith and God sends us reassurances from all sources if we but listen for his reformations.... Later in the day I had a long conversation with Bug, we have the Bible to share and it is a wonderful place or discussion for us.  He was telling me about service on Tuesday night.  The Ladies and I rarely go to the evening services as it is very late in our days, I know that some will say I am a sinner for not, but we celebrate the Lord in the morning and wouldn't dream the loss of that just to go late in the evening, I think the Lord understands that the girls do need time to rest.  Bug is growing stronger in the Lord, he has always had a good base, he and my dad in many ways have a closeness in the Lord, my dad taught him much of his beliefs.  It is funny I hear the Preacher say alot that it is almost impossible to teach someone brought up with a belief a different path in the Lord.  Proverbs 22:6  Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.   This is so true,  Sister, Poppie, Bug and I have been trained up, we are good New Testament Christians and always will be, maybe not now good Church of Christ members and truth be told we will probably never be good Baptists either, but we are following the Lord to the best of our ability and isn't that all the Lord asks?  Faith in him to the best of our conscience, amen..... tomorrow.

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