Monday, January 14, 2013

Today is slow day, God guidance and death on my mind.....

Poppie is in pain so is not moving much, he said he wished he had spent the night on the floor.  He truly is beginning to hate the cold.  I spent a lot of the night reading, so was behind in getting here this morning or on the Internet this morning.  Lady reported this morning on our Bountiful Baskets Page that we are on the Bountiful Baskets.Org site.  It is rewarding to see that we are officially on the site.  Today starting at 10 est time people can start ordering their baskets.  It will be cool to have the first day done and over with, I am sure there will be gaffs and stumbles but not something we won't be able to handle.  Yay, for the BBFC to be here.

The Preacher had a whole table of books he was discarding at Church yesterday.  I saw several I thought  would be of interest to me.  The Preacher saw our interested and ended up filling three bags for us so we now  have lots of options.  I am reading the Studies in First Corinthians, by M.R.Dehaan, M.D.   I am truly enjoying it.  The Preacher did say, as an aside, that not all of the books were ones that he agreed with or promoted but they were there for the taking. I am so enjoying this one, I am thinking I will try and talk Bug and Sister into reading it after me, very enlightening.  I do so enjoy reading when it is something safe for me to read.  Okay, for those of you laughing that a commentary on the Bible would be safe, it is for me.  Satan surely would take hold of me if I fell into my addiction of reading novels again.  God so wants me to read what he sends me, the perfect book when I was having so many questions that it is answering. 

The books spends alot of time on Grace, communion, conflicts with people in our lives our brothers or non-brothers.  I am truly learning so much and am sure the Lord is speaking to me.  I may have a coffee date and I have to go to the Library to help with contribution forms, and then a Q and A with Lady on the bountiful baskets.  My dear friend Twin told me that her step son was killed in a car wreck this morning.  I am so sorry for her and the families loss.  I had know him since he was about 6 or so.  He had issues in his life, don't we all, but by all accounts he was overcoming them.  I know not his relationship with the Lord, but I hope he had one.  Godspeed to a young man who had much more to accomplish in this life.  I hope your day it great and the Lord sends you a message to read his word or about his word.  I also hope you hug the ones you love as there may not be a next time... tomorrow.

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