Friday, January 25, 2013

Grinding to do today, Jelly made, yarn to make and the last sock for Yogie.

Booboo and I made jelly from the strawberries we got as add ons from Bountiful baskets, with the ones in the basket as well we got 12 pints of jelly, Mokie and I had shared a case.  Booboo was very proud of her accomplishment, Yogie and Poppie just liked the jelly.  The girls and Boy had their first basket ball games, the kids were all a little afraid of the ball but you have to start somewhere and then work up.  They had a great time and that is what counts.  Their second game is Saturday.  I have meat to grind today.  I got the brisket and the pork loin thawed, now to get the goats in and ready to grind the three together.  I am going to make some into sausage and some into a burger of the three. 

I made more t-shirt yarn yesterday and am working on a log cabin patterned rug for the living room.  It will be fun to see how it develops.  Lady took one of the balls I made to see how it crochets up and is now sold on cutting her old tees up as well, it is positively addicting to get free yarn from old items we no longer need, the definition of upcycling, isn't it?  She did say there is a quicker way to cut on line so I will check it out,  I did cut the ones differently yesterday than the ones I did the first couple days so I will see if it is different than what I have come up with, faster in cutting is almost always better. 

I do have to finish Yogies last sock, she has been patient.  Booboo and Poppie are enjoying their finished socks so I have to get on it today and finish up her last sock and both heels.  I have the little girls today.  I swear that one never gets anything done chasing after littles,  I guess that that is the tale of my life, when I get one set up and ready to give me time to do things a new wave comes.....  Well off to work around the antics of littles and try to actually get some of the chores on my list done, and maybe some of the real chores too.  Poppie is a dear and has been helping me do spring cleaning things, he is really bored and the winter is so cold he can't do anything outside, my win I would say.  I hope that the Lord talks to you in a meaningful way and brings you closer to him.... tomorrow.

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