Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Death is a given but how we approach it is a personal choice..... CAKLs...

I went to CAKLs yesterday, I always love when I can manage to get away and join my friends.  When it first started it was getting together with a group of ladies to share our love of fiber arts and crafts, which it still is, but today it is so much more than that.  The ladies that come regularly, the core group, are my friends on all levels that account for friendship.  No, most of them have never been to my house, nor I theirs, but they are my friends.  We laugh together, we have cried together at the loss in one of our lives, the births, the deaths and the successes have all been shared and spoken on.  We are friends and that is the best part of the whole process.  Friendship is something that is truly rare, given from God and should never be taken lightly,  seems in this day and age they are so many times, less true and honest, so they are a treasures more precious than gold.  I love the ladies in our group as they are my friends and that is the highest of things in any life.

We had a conversation about medicine and death yesterday.  We began the conversation about the passing of a lovely young woman, she was just 53, she had denied her own suspicions and had not gone to the doctor and in the end died when maybe something could have been done to change her passing.  One of the ladies said that God was the answer and pray makes the difference, and it does, but others thought that God also wants us to take advantage of the talents that we are given in this life, and that doctors are given their talents for a purpose, as are we all, to help conquer diseases in a physical way, hand in hand with prayer.  I put forth that I thought that God knew the hour of our death and that that can not be changed but that the quality of the time we live on earth is able to be changed by the choices we seek.  I must admit all the Ladies are Christian so they were all in agreement of that fact and maybe the different views of the hows did have a consensus point after all.  I love the conversations we have as they are always enlightening, always honest, sometimes continuous, but most of all always worth the effort to participate.  We are a group of diversity, educated, self educated, liberal, conservative, seasoned and midlife, no, as yet we don't have a representative from the young that has stayed, maybe we are boring to them but someday they will come, and stay, and they will be embraced into our realm.  Alas, I salute the Ladies of CAKLs, without you I am the lesser, you make me the better for having known you all and for your having allowed me to be one of you.... tomorrow.

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