Friday, January 11, 2013

BBFC conference call done, finely now we wait, oh so can't wait.....

I am excited to say that last night we finely had our conference call for BBFC.  We were on the phone for almost a half hour before the six of us on line got to talking about what to do?  Our conference call instructor had not come on line.  We took note of who was on the call, some from North Dakota and some from Montana then one of the ladies called to see if they could find an instructor from their cell phone.  Seems the meeting had been postponed but none of us got the message.  We mostly all stayed on line the four more minutes until a moderator came on, she couldn't find the moderator/instructor we were to have so she pinch hitted for us.  What a trooper.  She did a great job, a good thing too one of the ladies sites is to open on Saturday, close thing.  We all seemed to be about as proficient in yahoo group navigation, and form filing and finding of places on the groups.  We ended up learning lots and our conference is done, one more step on the way to the Superior Downtown Site for BBFC being done and a reality. 

This morning I am awaiting info on what I have to do next, more form comfort skills and navigation to accomplish but I think like most things that is a familiarity thing.  We are hoping to have a date of February 9th as our first day.  We think we have all the paperwork, or the paperwork we need to date done, just have to make sure, the site has been check and viewed, great place.  I have collected sacks, baggies and what nots for the site, hoping to get some upcycled reusable grocery bags but their is always time for more collecting, sometime it is a virtue to be a hoarder.  I can't wait until we get the word on being put on the truck schedule.  I have to still get index cards, a 3 ring binder and the printer online, oh and reboot disc's in my computer but I am on track for me. 

We are excited about getting the routine started, trying some of our ideas on the site, getting to know the contributors and volunteers.  We want our site to be a fun inviting place to come to so we can grow and eventually train new people to the wonders of Bountiful Baskets.  I hope you have a great day, think good thought, talk to the Lord and remember to get a sign on for Bountiful Baskets so you can join in our adventure.  Remember, like life, this is a team effort and there is no I in team.... tomorrow.

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