Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tee shirt rug, CAKLS and the Ladies thereof...

Cubbie had pre-school in the morning, she was a grumpyguss so Pre-school had to work hard at getting her to interact.  She is a great teacher for the little ones, has patience to do the job well and see past the attitudes of some of the littles.  I was happily cutting up a tee shirt that had a small bleach stain on it.  Poppie was moving a couple of book shelves around to clear out his office/tooling room.  The winter is still making him in pain a lot so he is trying to slow down and develop an indoor routine to some extent.  He did a great job and we are now both motivated to clean out a bunch more stuff from our master suite, funny I never really think of it that way but on the schematic of the house or the blue print that's what it is.  That is why I am cutting up tee shirts.

I cut the first one into one long strip I trimmed off the hem, to lazy to take the seam out and open it up, I am thinking a lot of work and no real result or much addition to the length, so I threw that away.  I cut the strip about a half inch wide until I got to the arm pits.  I am not going to sew little pieces together either like I was taught as a child when I made rag rugs out of old cotton clothes, I am upcycling in an efficent manner so parts that take up extreme additional time for little results are out.  I threw away the top of the shirt as well, very freeing to know I can.  I rolled it in to a "yarn" ball and began to knit, no purling, just knitting.  I thought at first it would make a nice dish cloth.  It is cotton after all and should be absorbent.  I was up a couple of rows when it was time to go to CAKLs. 

I got there and most of the Ladies came, Lady, Shorts, Teacher, Artist, Irish, Tucky, and I.   It was nice to have all there at one time.  Teacher was repairing a treasured pair of gloves her grand aunt had made and were passed down to her, I had brought her some scrap wool hoping that some would match the colors she needs, some did. Artist is working on a crocheted sweater for herself, she almost always is making something for some one else so that was a pleasant surprise.  Irish is working on an afghan, as is Shorts.  Lady is making cotton wash clothes and I was working on my tee shirt yarn wash cloth.  Lady suggested it looked like a good rug to her, and after I got knitting up further it really was more suited to a rug square, weight and texture, than a wash cloth.  I was pleasantly surprised in the end with the heaviness of it, so will be cutting tee shirts up like a mad woman, well the ones not to stained and any that don't fit, to think of it it will be really cheap cotton yarn, I digress.  We all had a nice time, talked of any subject that popped into our minds, Teacher had to leave at the regular ending time but kept being pulled back into the overflowing conversations.  Alas she tore herself away and all of us split and went our separate ways to return anew next week, hopefully as many will get to attend then.

Today I am taking Cubbie to play at Ladies house with her Grandgirl.  I hope all goes well, they are going to make cake pops and that will be fun for one and all.  I am glad that I am getting a network of social outs, it makes the SAD and gray of winter so less foreboding.  The Lord bless your day he has already begun the blessings in mine.... tomorrow.

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