Saturday, January 5, 2013

Routines setting in, no water and the harvest is finally going to actually happen...

The Ladies joined us at 6 this morning, Booboo always first to arrive, Yogie stumbled in right behind, first time for that, no dilly dallying.  We finished up Acts and are looking forward to Romans in the morning.  They each said their prayers and were on to Junie B Jones and the Trumpet of the Swans by E.B. White of Charlotte's Web fame.  I like that they enjoy alot of the old books of my youth.  I love books and have a new found joy in seeing them read my old favorites.  I am working hard to see that they have the joy of reading in their repertoire.  I do so love to read but am mindful of the limitations that my addiction brings to what I read.  I am really enjoying my Bible in ways I have never done so before.  It really amazes me that the light can come to a passage that you have read numerous times before but can see it anew in it's new enlightenment, as if reading it for the first time. The Lord tells us that that is so, a living chronicle or more exact the living Word.  They ended up readying more than the given hour, and on a weekend, routine success, now to make the others stick as well, well if only one sticks in the end the most important one is established.... win win.

Yogie made coffee after the Bible/reading time,  the water only trickled so Poppie has to go unthaw the pipe.  It is a blessing that is usually only the little line that goes to the pressure switch that freezes.  It is too warm to run the heater but cold enough to freeze the little line, for some reason after we use a little water, you know like to fill the coffee pot.  Today is finally harvest time for the last of the goats to be harvested.  I know I have said we had plans to before but things got in the way, sickness, changes of circumstance etc...  Poppie is going to pick up Bug as he is to help.  The Ladies are both excited to help.  I know that some of you just went eeew, but I am actually very proud of them.  Yogie has helped with chickens and loved doing it.  The both had to help with rabbits a little while back, Bug made Booboo help.  She actually ended up liking the process.  It is all apart of the cycle, if you are going to raise the animals you need to respect the sacrifices they make.  They are to be loved, cared for and respected in their life and in their death with your showing up and being present.  I am proud of both of them.  They are both realists, and that is something I have alot of pride in, they see life for what it is and the reality it holds.  Harvest is a reality in life, they know that the milk doesn't magically appear in a box and that meat isn't from a factory all wrapped up in plastic, they know up close and personally where meat comes from, and the sacrifice that comes with each piece.  They tend to respect the meat, the milk and the veggies they eat at dinner all the more for it.

Tomorrow we are to got out to Lady and Sweeties, the boys are going to play with helicopters and we ladies will think of something to do I am sure.  BBFC will be on the conversation block.  The Ladies are always good guests so that will not be an issue, I like that.  I hope your day is good and you harvest the seeds you have sowed whatever they maybe.... tomorrow.

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