Friday, January 4, 2013

White beans cooking, third day, but soup today....

I have a large pan of white beans cooking, I have been quick soaking for the last three day, 20 pounds of beans take some time.  Today I am switching it up a little I am going to try and make pork and beans for Poppie.  The last time I tried I ended up with what Poppie calls "the best beans soup" but alas not pork and beans.  I did use pinto last time, I know they are supposed to have white beans, tah dah, this time I have them.  I know I have said it before, if I had known how much fun a pressure canner would be I would have over come my paralyzing fears years ago, 38 to be exact....   I digress. Lady says we are nerds, getting excited about pressure canning. 

  I have the kids later today, I like when they come early that way they are here and we get Nannie and kids bonding time without cutting into mom and daughters time.  Sometimes being the younger kids with nieces and nephew, in most cases, it is not normal to be cousins to your nieces and nephews I know but none the less it is hard to share your childhood time with other kids that need your mom and dad that are not your sibs.  Then there are the older sibling who want to boss you around even more than regular siblings do, in my family this in not a this generation thing it is a generational thing for many a generation.  My youngest sisters are younger than all my kids but the Ladies, my aunt is younger than my oldest cousin and it goes on from there, so we are normal to our family.....  okay, we are weird, but say la fee, no I can't spell it in French, so that will have to do,  back on subject and going on now.

It is very cold out today and Poppie spent the fourth night on the floor for a good many hours trying to find a place of no pain.  I made him take an Epsom salts bath but when you can't get your sore knee in the bath with your sore back it kind of defeats the purpose.  NO, not even in the garden tub can he get all his legs in.  The girls were tickled pink when they come home from school, some of the most stylish girls in the elementary wanted to know where they got their berets.  They were proud to say their mom made them.  They want more and I think I can safely say I will make more of them and for online sales.  I like that they use up some of my littlest scraps.  I think if I make it to the FOL meeting today I will take one to show Lady the results of my tinkerings. 

Funny, yesterday afternoon Poppie came and told me of a marvelous idea he had about changing the "office" up.  He wants to put in shelves and put my sewing stuff in with his tooling table.  Now isn't that just what I told you I wanted to do yesterday.  Great minds think a like and fools seldom differ, or maybe he was listening to me more than I think over the last few months and he himself didn't know he was listening,  Anyway, we are on the same page so to speak. 

The little ladies just got here, late, seems a coworker called in way late and Mokie is working a later shift.  I hope the Lord blesses your day and you seek the Lord in your life......  tomorrow.

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