Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Babies are always in our hearts no matter their real age.....

We now have two babies at Church, one is 6 months old and the other under two weeks old. The Preacher made a point to let us know that it was the policy of the Church not to touch babies if their mother didn't specifically give us her baby or clear it for us to touch. I have never actually touched either of the babies, I hold lots of babies and am pretty baby savvy so the fascination is not all that pressing for me. I had told both of my girls, prior to the policy speech which was given at the beginning of both hours, not to touch the babies just to look. My girls are pretty baby inundated so babies don't hold that big a fascination for them either. Still not exactly sure who the policy speech was for but to each his own. He did say that he was afraid of something happening to a baby and didn't want it to happen at Church, so ok.

I found in contemplating the Church policy that it should be an upheld policy for all children?  Should that just be a common sense approach to any ones child, at any age?  I am not sure that any one ever should be allowed to put their hands on your child, be it one day old or 17 years and 364 days old. I don't believe that any parent ever willingly gives up their choice to make decisions for their children until they become adults. I think that here in we find the rub, in my opinion. Why would it be okay to put your hands on someones toddler, tween or teen anymore than someones baby? Why would it be okay to tell a child to "do what your told", "shut up", "sit down", "move" or any other thing with the child's parent in the room? I am not talking about a place where you are in care of that child, or have been given the care of the child, which was policy right? I am talking about out of the blue in a public place, what would make you think you had any right to a child?  Why is it okay to presume you can take liberties with a child older than an infant but not an infant? I say you better be aware of momma Grizzlies if you really think you can tell my child what to do if you don't have my permission or have temporary care of them. Funny how so few people correlate the two as something that is an equal no no. Those people take it upon themselves to do all manner of instructing to your child. I to am very guilty of instruction other peoples children, but never if I haven't been the okay to do so, I.E. Never touched the babies at Church.

I think that adult children are different, hopefully you should have raised your child to have the ability to decide for its self who can interact with, instruct them, touch them or guide them. I find it a lot more tricky to not speak up for an adult child when some one wants to take hold of them, mentally or physically. It also bugs me when some one who wants to instruct your adult child, and thinks you should have no involvement in or opinion of that instruction, but has qualms about letting you make comments on their parenting skills or their adult children. They also can't seem to let their child decide who can interact with them. They have no qualms about telling your child to leave their child alone, seems they don't want others instructing their child or maybe they haven't quit control theirs? It all boils down to practicing what you preach, so if you don't want people stepping on your rules maybe you need to read your rules and obey them yourself, makes it easier for people to take you seriously in the long run.

It all about the "policy" don't touch someone else's child unless they give you permission, especially if you don't want them to touch yours..... tomorrow.

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