Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK day, a day off and we are going to play....

Today is the day we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s life.  He was a stellar man and brought about good changes in so many people lives, with non-violence, and love of God.  I salute his life.  It was funny when people started referring to him as MLK, all my older three kids have those initials.  Yes all three are my own personal MLK's.  Well now only one of them is still an MLK with out add on's but all still my little MLK's at heart. 

Today Lady and I are off to the Zoo, a get away day.  We have earned it, not so much the lots of good work on Saturday but the stress of planning coming to cumulation and not knowing you have everything ready to go.  We did fine and got through the day and like with child birth the end result was all that we can remember the little pains and problems along the way have melted into past history. 

The feedback from all the people that participated has been stellar, I like that word, more than one of the contributors have used it for the produce they got so that is super wonderful.  Just think in 12 short days we get to do it all over again, yay.  So today we are going to go play and not think of the past or future to come, okay so anyone that knows us knows that is a fairy tale.  Yes, we will talk it to death all day but atleast we will be out and about not actually doing it. 

My Ladies are going to be with Mokie until Poppie gets home from the Professors.  I am not sure what they have all planned, they have to read their 4h resource book and project books so they will be doing some of that this after noon and then a couple of chores but for the most part they will be enjoying their day off.  A day of play to celebrate the good that one life can bring to the world.  Never forget the ripples that one life starts in this pond and that one life affects and effects so many others lives.  May God allow you to affect some ones life through your life in a good way, maybe even today... tomorrow.

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