Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Busy day. BBFC, breakfast and library with Lady, sorrowiful losses....

I had a busy day yesterday and never got a chance to blog, it is kind of nice to be able to not blog and not have crushing guilt for not having done so.  The first year I blogged I made a pledge to blog each and every day for a year, which I did, funny having to come home from camping to blog, well that and we did have to feed the animals.  Good thing we don't camp all that far from the house, but I digress.  Now I try to blog daily but there are times when I can't, twice this week, odd for me.  Anyway, yesterday I started the day with breakfast with Lady, nice that because I didn't tell you before hand not to be stalked, first time in a year that we went to breakfast without my neighborly stalker, but that aside we had a very nice time.  We are both trying to remember that food is fuel and not a gift, I heard that on a news program, sort of puts things into a new perspective doesn't it? It does give me new motivation for a life time problem, which I may truly never conquer or manage.  We both skipped the hash browns, concentrated on the proteins, good company and food, a good start to our days.

We went over to the library, I helped the ladies put away books and collect books that will be lent out to member libraries.  It was fun gave me something to do while I waited for my meeting with one of the members of the Mason's Lodge that was to meet with me.  It was Vegas's Daddy so it was nice to get to chat with him.  The Mason's have very kindly allowed the Superior BBFC to use their lodge every other Saturday for our pick up site, yay, such kindness should be acknowledged.  I meant him there at a little after eleven.  The site is perfect, room for the distribution, easy access for the delivery truck, good place for participant pick up, all win wins.  We had a nice meeting and I got all the info we need for the site.  I went back to the library after the meeting.

I had to wait for Poppie to pick me up at the Library.  I helped put away more books, chatted with one and all, took measurements for the project I want to make for the library.  I also got help down loading library books on to Booboo's nook.  All the book I have so far bought have automatically down loaded to both nooks so didn't think that the library books would be any different.  Poppie soon picked me up and home bound I was.  I found that at home both nook's didn't get the library books and I will have to try to do it myself here this morning.  I tried to down load to my libre, but I couldn't manage that alas I am a e-reader library user failure, but I will over come so please pray for my brain to get a clue, or maybe just figure out the idiosyncrasies of each machine or is the right word device?....lol

I was home a short while when I read on face book that several of my friends were close to a young lady that had been killed in a car wreck I had heard of on the news.  I am truly sorry for their losses, from all accounts she was a remarkable God fearing young lady a real asset to her family, Church and community.  It is truly sad when the good die so young.  God has a purpose for our lives and we know not his plans for our lives, it makes you think you should really get your salvation in order now not in the unforeseen future when this kind of tragedy occurs.  Shortly there after my friend Tucky called me to tell me her dear friend, that she had really wanted me to meet, had been killed in a car wreck, truly a sad day.  I was so sorry for my friend.  She is a dear person and had a special bound with her friend.  I am sorry for her loss and her friend's families loss.  Her lost friend was a vibrant loving mother and grandmother from all accounts.  She was to take her grands to Disneyland later this month,  again it is so sad when one of our dear ones are taken from us so unexpectedly.  It really makes us contemplate our own lives and that life is so fleeting you should never put off unto tomorrow the I love yous that need to be said today.  You should never put off your relationship with the Lord to the future, you should grab it by both hands and hold on to it as tomorrow may be to late and never come..... tomorrow.

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