Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Five littles to the dentist, 4H and Bountiful baskets going like hotcakes....

Today we go to the dentist, all five have appointments.  Bubble's first, and maybe after a year of waiting for those teeth to grow in Yogie will get her wires finally all attached. It should be a fun trip, and more fun with two little girls who won't want people looking in there mouths.  We are hoping to get back to town so I can make CAKLS.  I think it is doable as we don't have any shopping.  Maybe they will let us get them Mac Donald's happy meals,  I don't usually do fast food I think of it as scarf and barf so not my bag, but as it is something mine don't get it will be a treat, maybe, the grands get them and they are their favorites. 

Our BBFC site went up on line yesterday and so far the turn out for baskets has been wondrous.  We started with 96 and they are flying off the shelve so to speak.  That is wonderful to know that so many people really wanted the service that Bountiful Baskets will bring to our little community.  It makes all the work Lady and I put into it very rewarding.  Now for the first big day, Saturday, I hope we are ready for it.  If not somehow we will manage and all the veggies and produce will get to the people who need it. 

Had 4h last night.  It was a short meeting.  Talked with a couple friends about BBFC was nice to be able to touch base with them.  We found out that two of the girls projects may not have a leader.  One I think maybe a friend of Poppie's might be great for the job so he is going to ask him to see if he is interested.  He loves and breeds rabbits so it could be a win win.  I will probably have to step up and be Yogies' goat lady, I am not sure that is much out of character so for me so it should be fun. 

Hope you have a great day, and if you haven't ordered your basket, and want one, get on line there is still time... tomorrow.

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