Saturday, July 16, 2011

Farmer Market, wonderful people to meet and visit with. Great Day.

I was tired this morning and didn't get up to blog before the Farmer's Market.  We had a wonderful turn out, lots of sellers and a bunch of buyers.  Peggy is doing a wonderful service for the community by starting it and getting it going. There was a steady flow today and alot of people that had never sold or came to buy were there. It is growing and that is wonderful. I have actually sold a lot of soap in the last three weeks so will have to make up more.  The girls did well again, they have a steady clientele and new clients that are surprised to see that they are cooking and baking at their ages.  They actually make between 50 and 75% of it on their own.  I look forward to the day when they make it on their own but in ways don't want the day to come.  I like that they still need me and want me in their lives. Next week we are going to make eclairs and peanut butter cups, no cookies, foccacias, sourdough and pies.

Belle was there with her little boy, her little girl was grounded from the Farmer's Market this week for being a little naughty last week. She is experimenting with fudges and what they want to cook as their niche.  She is doing well on selling her Salves, it is getting a good following of clients, a wonderful thing.  She is getting her own niche figured out for selling items, I am happy for her in the regard.

Poppie is fixing the capacitor on the well, we had ordered one earlier in the week and it came this morning, a good thing as the old one gave up the ghost last night and we have no water.  Poppie hooked a hose from Mokie's frost free head to ours to get us a little water in the house for the short term.  He spent the morning working on Professors trailer, some one had borrowed it and had broken the taillights and damaged the plug on it.  Poppie is welding a new bracket, replacing the lights and adding a jack.  Professor will be surprised with the jack, Poppie is excited to have something to fix.  Poppie is also going to go out this week and clean out their barn with his friends Kabota.  Poppie does like to work and I have to let him do it once in a while to keep him from hurting himself doing what he shouldn't.

I hope to enjoy the rest of my day, their is a fair in the next town down and I have heard they are doing spinning so may go see that or go mushroom hunting haven't decided yet but we will go do something special this afternoon.  Mokie, Son and the kids, will be going to Zootown to spend the night in a motel for their anniversary.  I hope they have fun. Enjoy you afternoon........... tomorrow.

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