Tuesday, July 19, 2011

They retrieved the pump, a big sigh of relief, manly team work gotta love it.

Bug got off work early so they got to start on the well around 5 last night. I am not sure of the techniques they administered, maybe it was more of a wing and a prayer, or a series of plans that changed as they went along, sort of a fly by the seat of your pants operation.  Son joined in after he got home from work.  Teenager from next door aided as well. The combined efforts were fruitful and just before 8 the lost pipe, which is attached to the pump, peaked it's way out the top of the well casing.  I think the sigh of relief that came from all involved was audible mentally if not physically.  Bug admitted, after the fact, that he felt the odds were slim to non of retrieving it after they dropped it.  I assure you the exact same thoughts his father and I had had at the time it had dropped.  The Lord truly answers prayers, and in all things, we should praise God.  The time spent working on the joint problem has helped Bug and Son learn to understand each other, truly a blessing that I am not sure would have come it the pump had not dropped.  So today I am thankful that the pump dropped to the bottom of the well, and thankful that the Lord helped them retrieve it.

Yogie has an ortho appointment tomorrow after noon so have to plan the day around that.  It is late in the afternoon.  I have 5 grand kids and one pseudo grand kids to watch today and the 5 grand kids tomorrow.  We do love having them, and truly cherish the blessing of having a bond with our grand kids that not all people are blessed with.  I truly believe that time spent together is one of the best ways to create a bond. That being said 8 children at one time is a lot of work.  I find it exhausting sometimes.  My girls try to be good and help, as they are in tune with good old mom, so know I tire but they are little girls after all and join the natural arguing and mischief.  I maintain they are ladies all be it ladies in training so they have a learning curve like any one else.  I am prepared for Buga's tattling, M's whining at being the odd man out, Yogie taking charge and being bossy, Eldest and Boy being boys, and Booboo being the voice of reason. Ahhh a wonderful day in the making.

DC's Tinkerbell (aka Pokaspot) has come up missing, unsure at this point if it was that she got away and can't be found or if a Cougar has picked her off.  I am hoping it is that they just haven't found her but it is the time of year the Cougar always makes its presence known.  I hate when the cougar comes.  We lose little ones and that is a tragedy. DC's is new to goating and I am sure she is devastated at the loss, if it turns out to be so, I am still hoping on the return of Tinkerbell.  I am also fully aware that in our goat experience Tinkerbell has been a jinx name.  My little girl that I lost last spring with the triplets was also a Tinker.

My coffee is done and Poppie is bringing me a cup.  Children to prepare for so I am going to meditate, take solace in my coffee and pray for an uneventful day..... tomorrow.

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