Saturday, July 9, 2011

Farmers Market day, Mokie fell, and we will go to the woods this afternoon. It Saturday!

This morning we will take our wares to the Farmers Market to sell.  The ladies had fun learning new things, we don't have to eat all of their baking as they perfect their art. That is a win win, no one can eat that much and now others, who don't bake, get to enjoy their results. They made pies, bread puddings, cinnamon rolls, foccocias and breads this week.  I will be taking my soap, laundry soap, liquid soap and the little dress deodorizers.  I hope we have lots of fun.  I will set near Belle today, the ladies will have Grandpa back in his spot this week. I think Poppie is going to send radishes from the garden with us as well. It will be be a nice warm morning so all should have a great time.

I want to get out of the house this afternoon and go to the woods. I am going to make a picnic and we will just get out and get away from it all. We haven't discussed where we will go but I am sure we can find an adventure if we try. Maybe we will look for mushrooms or wade in a creek, if we can find one that the water has receded in, we are still in an unusually high water season here is western Montana.

Boy and Cubbie came over frantic that "Momma was hurt" yesterday.  They took me to Mokie's house, as she had fallen, I was very worried when they came as she is now 4 months pregnant.  Poppie, Sister, the girls, Boy, Cubbie and I hurried over to see what had happened.  She had fallen and either broken or hyper-extended her elbow. I took her to the ER and they did ex-rays.  She did not break the elbow and most likely tore ligaments.  She will be in a sling for a little while to let it heal. I was so glad it was not anything that hurt her pregnancy. That was a unplanned break in our baking yesterday.

Belle brought her son over to have a swim, the girls had just gotten out when she called, but got back in when they arrived.  They didn't last long as their bodies had already been cold, and it was late in the evening, so they got cold. Belle's son was a die hard, but when he got out he was cold as well, but the fun of the water kept him in. The rivers are still to high to swim in, actually almost to high for anything. There have been alot of drownings this years, people can't wait for the water, that usually at this time of year we can use, and they take to many risk.  I am saddened by the losses.  A family member of one of our locals drowned this week. So sad.

Well off to pack up for the Market, Poppie has to pick radishes and there is coffee to make and enjoy. Have a great day.......... tomorrow.

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