Sunday, July 24, 2011

Same sex marriage is New York, Mega Loads and wolf hunting, you know I gotta.

Today is the first day of same sex marriages in New York.  I still do not understand why marriage would be such an important thing to the people of the gay community.  I do believe they have the rights to live the way they like, as do we all, but why it marriage part of their wants?  I believe in civil unions for all couples who want to join together, but as marriage is an institute, set up by God and the church for one man and one woman, why would marriage be something they want. I am not just talking about gay people, I am asking the same question of people who do not believe in God? Why would an atheist want to share with their loved one a ceremony from God? I would think that something given to us from God would be something they would shun.  I am not homophobic, my earliest introduction to gay people was very early in life.  My cousin who is 3 years older than me has been a boy since the day I meant her, she has lived her life, all her life, very masculine.  No one made her that way she was born that way.  I am not sure that all gay people were born that way, and for that matter I am not sure all heterosexual people were born that way.  I don't believe that therapy will help someone born one way or the other to change. I am a purest and just don't understand why the simple ceremony designed for a man and a woman would be controversial, I know I don't want to fight for my right to have a Barmitsfah, as I understand it, that is a ceremony design by God to recognise a boys change from boyhood to manhood.  I see them as both the same type of ceremonies, both for specific people, established by God.  I am fully for Civil unions, equal rights for couples to insurance benefits, tax laws, etc.....

Mega loads and oil have been a big issue in Montana for some time.  I understand that people have issues about their traveling through our state but my problem comes from the hypocrisy of some of those people.  I find that like anything 80 percent of your business come from 20 percent of your clientele.  I happen to live near Zootown, often referred to as the San Fransisco of Montana, very true.  The 20 percent of our community that scream, yell and squeak the loudest about their beliefs live there.  Doesn't the squeaky wheel get oiled first?  The majority of Montana don't have the same opinions as the 20 percent screaming loud.  I don't have an issue with their screaming and opinion if they weren't hypocrites.  I see them on the news all the time hounding, harassing and criminally damaging the big rigs, the property of the oil companies.  My questions is this, what did they put in their car to get to the demonstrations, I know for a fact they drove as the site is remote and no one can ride their bike to an fro, and be in so many places at once, oh I forgot bike tires and paint made from petroleum, did they ride a horse to the event?  They hold water bottles in their hands, what was that made of? Did they come with clean hair, or was their shampoo made from goats milk, their fancy new age wonder fabric clothes, petroleum, just take a look at the list of items made from petroleum, they are hypocrites.  I liken it to drugs.  People are upset about the drug wars in Mexico but if you are using illegal drugs you are part of the problem so get your head out of the sand and be part of the solution, stop asking them to make drugs.  My thought is this, if you are using any petroleum product you are part of the problem, the big oil companies work for you.  So instead of harassing your employees for doing the job you pay them to do, change you life at a real level, stop your demand for oil in your life.  Download the list of petroleum products and stop using all of the items on it, then you can go picket and scream at the people hauling the equipment to make it.  The river leak in Montana is all our fault, get off your butt and go help them clean it up but don't scream about the pipeline that hauls the oil if you are using any of the items on that list, that pipeline is your purchase and your drug of choice. Last time I knew Kayaks are now made from petroleum products, or are they using wooden and hide ones made like they were a hundred years ago, if so kudos's to them and thank you for cleaning up our mess.  I do use petroleum products and am actively trying to limit them but I know I am part of the problem

DC and her family have lost a goat, New Mamma and family have lost a goose; both to the cougar.  It is that time of the year that they come.  The fish, wildlife and parks say we are not allowed to defend our animal against it's predation.  I know they were here first, but like the wolves they are out there in larger numbers than the book smart managers think they are.  If they are to be left alone to do what they will lets let their children play in my kids yard and lets see if they don't get rid of themselves.  I don't think that when push comes to shove that the Sierra Club guys want their kids and animals dead either they just don't live in my neighborhood, or if they do they are Shooting, Shoveling and Shutting up themselves.

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