Saturday, July 30, 2011

Farmers Market Day, the girls to go to grandpa's after, Pump to finish.

The ladies and I got our lives back together enough to get our baking done and ready for the Farmer's Market. Sister came to watch us bake so we could watch over her while Brother went to Zootown to have a procedure on his back. She had a fainting incident just after Brother came to pick her up, I can' wait until her surgery, next Friday.   We ended up with 5 rustic loaves, one braided loaf, two pans of orange rolls, 7 pies, cherry and rhubarb, Poppie picked them, we cut or pitted them, and 6 foccacia's.  The restaurant next to the Farmer's Market is having it's one year anniversary party. They are going to have a customer appreciation day and give out free hots dogs, burgers and have games for the kids.  The girls are so excited they will get to go,  then they are going to go the their grandparents for the night. They can't wait to go and spend special time with them. 

Due to the complicated week we had Poppie has not had time to fix the well, he discovered after getting the control box, that when they put the pump back in they accidentally reset the check value upside down, they now have to pull the pump back up 60 feet and turn the check valve over. This shouldn't be all that big of problem.  Bug and his friend are going to help Poppie do it this afternoon.  We probably won't get to go camping as the danger of the Cougar has not been resolved.  They have not caught him and the goats have to be confined nightly and watched during the day.  The cougar has been seen several times during the day light hours so we have to be diligent.  We will have to do something special for Yogies birthday, which is next Sunday, we may still swing camping but not counting on it, another thing the cougar took away for my daughters.

I made several new wonderful soaps.  I have made it with frozen milk numerous times and it make the soap lighter in color,  I had read you could make it starting with cold oils and the lye heats the oil, well I tried it and got very light colored soap, so I am going to see what I get when I combine the frozen milk and the cold oils. I made four kinds of soap for the second time, I have sold out on these and have  had calls for more. I am excited as I would like to eventually have around 12 or so regular kinds of soap and a few speciality items on my inventory.  I have finished up my first soap selling page and I think it turned out astetically appealing.  I had never done HTML before so that was fun to work out, I did get help with making buttons on my paypal site.  All in all I think the page is nice looking and clean.  Off to sell our wares at the Farmer's Market, see old friends, make new ones and answer all sort of questions about the week events from people who saw the piece on the news..... tomorrow.

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