Thursday, July 7, 2011

I goat to be the "crazy Goat lady" for the first time to a potenital new goat Lady.

I was happily making cheese yesterday morning when I got a call. I took the call and some one asked if I was there, using my business name. I have sort of a split personality when it comes to working, I use my full given first name, sort of a way to remind my brain I am not being home me or artist me but working out as the public me. I know that is odd be somehow it has always worked for me. I ask who I was speaking to and it was a lady named Susan, kind of funny the third Susan I have had dealings with a the last week. She said she had spoken to me at the MADE Fair about goats.  I instantly recalled who I was talking to.  She asked if I had been serious about her and her girls coming to see my goats. I was so excited and told her "yes, anyone who wants to see my goats is always welcome". She was a little shocked that I had been serious and made arrangements to come out, from Zootown, to let her little girls see the goats. She was to arrive in about and hour, so I would have time to continue my cheese, she actually needed up being an hour and a half late. My cheese was done but I didn't have time to drain it so left it float in the whey when she arrived.

She had to lovely little girls one about my Ladies ages and one a little younger, she also had an Australian Shepard she had rescue three days prior.  She left him in the car at first but eventually he got out and made his acquaintance with my dogs. It went pretty well they are used to new dogs after all.  I showed her all my goaties,the peacocks, the lamb, the pig, the turkeys and of course the dogs.  She was so excited and had lots of questions.  I am sure I earned my status as the "crazy goat Lady" I was overjoyed to share whatever I knew, gave her advice on goats, advised her to read up on goats so she could make a choice of which would fit in with her needs the best. I told her if she decided on ones like mine I would have babies in the spring if she wanted some.  I also told her that Craigslist would have good options for her as well. The kids and mine sort of were awkward around one another and actually never played but sort of wanted to, like kids will do.  She was here around 2 hours. I let her try the milk, which she and her girls liked for a first try, goat milk has a little different taste than cow's milk.  They did like it though. I suggested that they use it on cereal for about two weeks and then start drinking it, it sort of acclimated you to it better. I showed them my cheese afloat in the whey.  They were truly stung by the goat bee when they left, she said she would keep in touch.  I plan to hear from her again as she proceeds down the goat path.  I did tell her that goats are addictive and that somehow we turn into crazy goat ladies, so she was warned fair and square. I finished straining out the whey and making my cheese into a ball when they left.

It was very hot yesterday, the girls both got a little burned in the sun, but had used their sunblock and both tan out over night so will be fine. Poppie weeded in his garden and showed me all he had gotten done in the greenhouse, it is so wonderful.  It is all planted and they are growing and looking beautiful. The girls and I picked up two white eggplants at the grocery store, in the get rid of it bin, so they will plant them this morning. Grandpa brought us a bunch of plants, from his greenhouse, that hadn't sold so we planted them here and there. Our garden is full, except for the corn patch, they came up hit and miss, I think actually better that Sons and Grandpas so that is ok.  We may plant a few cabbages, from Grandpa, in the holes or maybe some pumpkin or both, it is about the only space we have left to put his gifted plants.

Today is baking day.  We are making pies, we have a new to us frig, so will be able to make them today instead of tomorrow. We are making pumpkin pineapple bread, cinnamon rolls (they did well) no orange this time, maybe a bread pudding see how they sell, butterscotch and raisin. So the coffee is done and I have Ladies to awaken.... tomorrow.

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  1. It is weird to be a crazy "goatless" lady now! I enjoy seeing the people that I helped "sting" though. It makes up for it.


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