Sunday, July 31, 2011

July is passing, August is in our view, The Lord brings forth new hope and challenges.

I woke up today with the grief of my lost goats resolved and looking toward the future. I am still angry at the Animal advocates, the Politicians and the people who want everything to be Politically Correct.  I am angry that people who don't live in an area or with the animals that are a nuisance get more of a say than the victims of the marauding animals.  I know for a fact I have never tried to safe the life of the "poor rats" in the sewers of New York, I have never picketed that they have no rights to kill them, I have never advocated that there should be a higher breeding population and I have never felt that children and property should be second in consideration to their existence.  I number one don't live near them or know the reality of there problems with them so I don't try to cause problem for those who do. The animal right people need to walk a mile in our shoes before they, from their apartments and cities, manage our Cougars and Wolves. Politicians seem to be, at all levels, worry more about what the animal rights people will say about the methods to control the animal than doing it right.  Political Correct people believe more in the romantic view of wolves and cougars than the reality of the menacing predators that are raping and marauding our valleys and mountains,  The overpopulation of wolves and cougars is so bad they have depleted the deer and elk and are starting on farm and ranch animal, children are next on the menu and that is what the politically correct should be aware of.  I am done ranting.... on with life and I am trying my best to praise the Lord for the last weeks outcome.

I praise the Lord that Rommy had a twin that I can borrow, and that Clover had a twin so I have not totally lost my breeding program, One Mokie gifted me back and Herbalist will let me breed to her Rajee.  I know that animal are not as prime as my lost two were but they had the same genetics so the Lord provided me a second chance and options.  Herbalist is giving my girls a new lamb, her kindness to the girls is lovingly welcome.  We have formed a better friendship with Beard, as shared loss provides common ground and interactions. Caesar is so afraid of the cougars he has a new kitten like manner, all be it a 300 lb kitten.  Lilly is biting people afraid we are going to hurt her new baby, the yearling Jewels, too funny if not bad as we have to assure her we are not a danger to her new kid.  All blessings from the Lord and in all things I am called to praise God.  I am getting to the point where I can praise God for the events of the week.  It took prayer and patience, both blessing from God.

My girls are at grandpa's and will be home in the afternoon after church.  I love when they can go to church.  Grandpa goes about 30 miles from here, it is a different church than I was raised in but they have good worship and community.  I so dislike my impasse to going to church, I know I do my girls a disservice by not going but I would do them a bigger disservice by going and not believing in the service I was attending either.  I pray that God sends me an answer to my prayers on going to Church.  So this week I am thankful for the girls going to Church.  I am reminded of Pollyanna, she and the preacher in the movie, had counted the glad verses of the bible, were 812 or 820 were their count. I am not sure which was the real count but I am sure they are all scriptures that lead to the praising of God.  Today I will live in the glad tidings of the Lord and praise him.. I can just hope that each morning I can arise anew with the daily commitment to praise God each day anew...... tomorrow.

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