Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pump out and on the ground, Yogie has canyons but no appliance. Happy happy.

They pulled the pump out of the well casing shortly after 8 last night.  We all were there to witness it coming from the ground.  It was astounding how all involved needed to be a witness to its appearance from the earth. They pulled it out and sure enough the motor was froze up, they couldn't turn it over with a hammer.  The motor, that Bug had gotten from his brother in law, that is a 1/2 hp bigger than ours had the same gear ratio and was a perfect match for our pump.  The motor bolted right on, it turns and appears to run the pump.  They will dry run it in a garbage can before they but it back in to make sure it works.  Poppie is going to have the old motor, and the pump of the one from Bugs brother in law, both rebuilt as back up for either part of the pump for future failures.  The Lord always has a plan for even the small things, non believers always scoff and says he wouldn't have time for the mundane, if he was real.  I believe that God has time for all things to all his believers, that is what makes him our Lord and God.

Yogie had a rough day at the orthodontist,  they pulled her expanding appliance,  it was the second one and had been in her mouth since January.  It had gotten to where it almost appeared to have grown into the roof of her mouth.  One side of it couldn't be seen it was a good 1/8 inch into the palette, the other side following suit.  The dentist had to use laughing gas to pull it.  She put a topical pain killer on the palette as well. Booboo and I both held her hand, she need both hands, and squeezed her little hand so hard but was brave and didn't shed a tear.  The appliance did it's job and she no longer has the two cross bites she originally had and her face is opening up so much.  She was always a lovely little soul with a pretty little face, but the enlargement will make her face all the more lovely and her teeth are going to be so beautiful, almost identical to her sisters.  The changes make them look more alike everyday.  She will be glad of her braces when all is said and done.

Got a message from Herbalist last night, the little goat we picked last week, that she had said was a girl, we never actually checked as we were advised she was a girl, is not.  We have to pick a different goatie.  We have decided we will take the little girl with no ears, she is a dark brown with a black strip, she actually looks like one of our yearlings, but with no ears, they are half sisters.  She is to be Yogie's goat and her name will still be Dolly, the same name we had picked for the boy that is not a girl. 

Today Cubbie and Boy will be here, and it is a baking day.  Sister will not come to share the day with us, which will be sad,  she fell off the bleachers when she passed out and has reconcussioned herself.  She has to stay home for safety sake.  She will be getting her surgery to repair her heart on the 5th. 
She had originally prayed for a cancellation, so she could get in sooner, but when Brother told her that the only time people cancelled those kind of operations, that her doctor does, was not by choice but because they no longer could make any choices she stopped praying for a cancellation.  She wants to wait her turn so all can last to their surgeries.  We are now just praying for a good out come on her day of surgery. 

Baking with my girls, sponge has to sponge, so time to finish up art work this morning and finish breads this afternoon.  Pies to make as well. Foccacia and something new tomorrow, we will hit the cookbooks looking for a new recipe, that is half the fun..... tomorrow.

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